10 per cent of gym goers have had an orgasm while exercising, study finds


ONE in ten pumped-up gym goers have had an orgasm while exercising, a study reveals.

Experiencing a “runner’s high” is well-known, nonetheless boffins discovered some have the profit of understanding far more.

For each women and men ab workouts are most undoubtedly to induce an orgasmCredit: Alamy

Boffins surveyed bigger than 2,000 folks about their expertise of having orgasms. They have been requested inside the event that they had ever had one by actions similar to sit-ups, yoga, working and lifting weights.

Just over 9 per cent acknowledged they had skilled an exercised-induced orgasm (EIO) a amount of occasions.

It was merely as frequent for ladies as for males, nonetheless ladies reported having a important one at an frequent age of 23, in contrast with 17 for males.

The commonest workouts for inducing one in males have been abdominals, similar to sit-ups, adopted by lifting weights and climbing a rope or pole.

One respondent, nonetheless, acknowledged he skilled one while “loading an 18-wheeler [lorry] with 55-gallon steel drums”.

For ladies, it was furthermore abs workouts that have been most undoubtedly to supply an EIO, then biking, adopted by working.

The US boffins, from Indiana University, acknowledged: “We had varied responses including disbelief that people could possibly orgasm during exercise, suspicion that EIO could only arise from friction, as well as relief to hear that others, like them, do experience EIO.”

They furthermore discovered 42 per cent of ladies and 66 per cent of males had skilled an orgasm of their sleep.

Just over nine per cent of respondents said they had experienced an exercised-induced orgasm
Just over 9 per cent of respondents acknowledged they had skilled an exercised-induced orgasmCredit: Alamy

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