35 Best God Of War Cosplay Ever From PlayStation Exclusive


What is one of the best “God of War” cosplays? God of War is probably most likely probably the most worthwhile recreation franchises of Sony Playstation exclusives. This action-adventure recreation was developed by Santa Monica Studios, whereas Sony Interactive Entertainment launched this recreation as an distinctive for his or her PS consoles. The gameplay and the mechanics differed from completely totally different games, they usually additionally attracted fairly just a few consideration. God of War on no account failed the viewers. It at all times outfitted one of the best expertise for the followers. The builders will launch the following installment of the sport in 2022 for each PS4 and PS5, and it’ll regulate to the occasions after the 2018 recreation.

The plot of the sport revolved spherical a Spartan warrior, Kratos. The Greek God of War, Arês, tricked him into killing his household in return for the ability to win wars. Filled with guilt and rage, Kratos leaves on a journey to kill the Gods to avenge his household. After killing the Greek Gods, Kratos lived contained in the Norse realm, Midgard. Further, he had a mannequin new household there. But after shedding his second associate, Freya, Kratos fashions on a mannequin new journey alongside collectively together with his son to unfold her ashes from the perfect peak contained in the 9 realms. On this journey, Kratos and his son come all via Norse gods whereas unraveling many secrets and techniques and methods and techniques about themselves and Freya. We all fell in love with the sport’s character. Therefore, many God of War followers cosplayed characters from the sport. Thus, we will take a look at one of the best God of War cosplays ever on this textual content.

35. Joe Colton

Kratos is as soon as extra to slay the Gods residing on Mount Olympus. However, as an alternative of making an attempt ferocious and bloodthirsty Spartan God of War, Kratos returned as a stupendous “Goddess of War”. Joe has achieved a tremendous job with the costume, and her magnificence merely provides a beautiful contact to this feminine Kratos cosplay.

Joe Colton Cosplay's Kratos, Best God Of War Cosplay Ever

Joe Colton’s Kratos Cosplay.

34. Cynthetic

Looking at this cosplay, I believed that if Kratos was a woman and as an alternative of being a God of War, Kratos was the God of Cuteness. Cynthetic seems to be cute contained in the Kratos costume, and her distinctive type out this cosplay makes it utterly completely totally different from others.

Cynthetic's Kratos Cosplay.

Cynthetic’s Kratos Cosplay.

33. Brain J Cooper

You all know that after settling in Midgard, Kratos has grown wilder and wiser. Now he can maintain calm and compose. However, this God of War’s calm doesn’t counsel he forgot to battle. As he’s nonetheless the Spartan warrior, he was as shortly as. Brian did a tremendous job in capturing the calm of the Old Kratos whereas sustaining Spartan eyes filled with rage in his cosplay.

Brain J Cooper's Kratos Cosplay

Brain J Cooper’s Kratos Cosplay

32. Celcius Sama

Who knew that gender-bent Kratos may most likely be so lethal. I don’t whether or not or not or not this “Goddess of War” has the Spartan Rage or not, nonetheless she does have beautiful eyes to kill anybody with merely her stare. Cosplayer Celsius sama’s cosplay as Kratos has petrified me.

Celsius Sama's Gender-bent Kratos Cosplay.

Celsius Sama’s gender-bent Kratos Cosplay.

31. The Rising Thor

Kratos has worn some superior cosplay all via the historic earlier of the Game of War sequence. Cosplayer, The Rising Thor, has achieved a tremendous job of setting up the Guardian Shield Gauntlet and the Blades of Chaos. The props are so amazingly detailed that it appears to be like like they’re the true deal that obtained proper right here from the sport itself.

The Rising Thor's Kratos Cosplay

The Rising Thor’s Kratos Cosplay.

30. Joey Pinto

The costume and prop are the souls of cosplay. An spectacular cosplay depends upon upon the preparation achieved on the costume. Without a doubt, Joey did an unbelievable job at replicating Old Kratos’s armor from the God of War (2018).

Joey Pinto's Kratos Cosplay

Joey Pinto’s Kratos Cosplay.

29. Manoela Castejon

Valkyrie Gunnr is probably one among many 9 Valkyries that Kratos fights and frees her corrupted soul. This Brazilian cosplayer and make artist has merely launched the character to life. The particulars contained in the wings and the armor are merely mind-blowing.

Manoela Castejon's Valkyrie Gunnr Cosplay, Best God Of War Cosplay Ever

Manoela Castejon’s Valkyrie Gunnr Cosplay.

28. Jessica Kerr

This British cosplayer has achieved a gender-bent cosplay of Kratos. But even when it’s a feminine model, you most likely can nonetheless truly actually really feel the vibe of the distinctive male Old Kratos. You can see the calm and clever Kratos in Jessica’s cosplay, nonetheless you may as well see the Spartan warrior hidden inside.

Jessica Kerr's Kratos Cosplay.

Jessica Kerr’s Kratos Cosplay.

27. Manulys

Freya, is that you just simply with Mimir’s head? Manulys has achieved an unbelievable job on this cosplay of the sooner Valkyrie queen. She has actually launched the God of War character into exact life. Valkyrie would have been actually proud after seeing this costly.

Best God Of War Cosplay

Manulys’s Freya Cosplay.

26. (*35*)Shay Ann

Ann’s Kratos cosplay seems to be like she is prepared for the battle and simply capable of slay some gods and demons alongside collectively along with her Leviathan Axe. Further, you most likely can’t miss the distinctive coiffure she went with for the Lady Kratos.

Best God Of War Cosplay

Shay Ann’s Lady Kratos Cosplay.

25. Savannah Poison

God of War Kratos is assumed for his rage and bloodthirsty nature to kill gods. However, nicely being mannequin and cosplayer Savannah Poison added a mannequin new twist to the character. Because she modified not solely Kratos’s gender nonetheless furthermore added a contact of cuteness to the character, nonetheless it is important to on no account cross the freeway alongside collectively along with her to this Goddess of War might chop your head off alongside collectively along with her Leviathan Axe.

Best God Of War Cosplay

Savannah Poison’s Kratos Cosplay.

24. Nubia Em Detalhes

Who talked about {{{that a}}} feminine Kratos may on no account showcase the craze and bloodthirsty nature of the distinctive Kratos? The Brazilian cosplayer, Nubia, did a tremendous job in her Kratos cosplay. It is so good that for a second, chances are you’ll even suppose that Kratos ought to have been a Goddess as an alternative of a God inside the primary place.

Nubia Em Detalhes

Nubia Em Detalhes’ Kratos Cosplay.

23. Kalinka Fox

Kalinka’s Kratos Cosplay can petrify anybody. The God of War no additional wants Medusa’s head for petrification. Her along with the sexiness to the Kratos cosplay made it a lethal weapon. Therefore, try to be cautious everytime you see this cosplay.

Best God Of War Cosplay

Kalinka Fox’s Lady Kratos Cosplay.

22. Nayoa Création

French cosplayer and performer Naoya is making an attempt so good contained in the Kratos outfit. However, her Lady Kratos seems to be so cute and harmless, like she hasn’t nonetheless been by the horrors Kratos did contained in the recreation. But this makes her model one of the best God of War cosplay ever.

Nayoa Création's Innocent Lady Kratos cosplay.

Nayoa Création’s Innocent Lady Kratos Cosplay.

21. Sean Bane

Kratos is thought on account of the Ghost of Sparta on account of his white pores and pores and pores and skin, which he obtained after a temple’s oracle cursed him for carrying his lifeless household’s ashes. Further, Kratos adorned the pink tattoos after his brother, Deimos, “death”. Cosplayer Sean has achieved a mind-blowing job in replicating the white pores and pores and pores and skin and pink tattoos in his Kratos cosplay.

Sean Bane's Kratos Cosplay.

Sean Bane’s Kratos Cosplay.

20. Thousand Faces

This Kratos cosplay is nice. There is nothing to say moderately loads about it. But what I favored was that the cosplayer portrayed the scene from the 2018 recreation. When Kratos go backs to retrieve his outdated Blade of Chaos. The concept to painting a recreation’s scene was actually superior.

Thousand Faces' Kratos cosplay.

Thousand Faces’ Kratos cosplay.

19. (*35*)Evgeny Batorevich

This Russian bodybuilder has tried his fingers into cosplaying. He nailed the cosplay of the God of War, Kratos. Looking at Batorevich’s cosplay, it appears to be like like his physique was meant to cosplay on account of the blood-thirsty Spartan.

Evgeny Batorevich' Kratos Cosplay, Best God Of War Cosplay Ever

Evgeny Batorevich’ Kratos Cosplay.

18. Paolo Spartano (Classic Kratos)

Looking at this cosplay it feels so exact. Spartano nailed the cosplay of youthful Kratos. You can clearly see the violent and bloodthirsty nature of Kratos all via his days as a God Slayer. Further, he has even mastered the elemental Kratos pose.

Best God Of War Cosplay

Spartano’s Classic Kratos Cosplay.

17.  Paolo Spartano (Old Kratos)

Spartano made a re-examination on this list. Paolo merely doesn’t use the decide Spartano for picture voltaic; he himself is the Ghost of Sparta. Not solely he did an superior elementary Kratos cosplay, nonetheless he furthermore seems to be good on account of the wiser and Older Kratos from the latest God of War recreation.

Spartano's Old Kratos cosplay.

Spartano’s Old Kratos cosplay.

16. Badgerlock

If there are ever any plans for a God of War live-action film, then they need to ponder Badgerlock for the carry out. This cosplayer seems to be so good on this carry out that typically it feels he’s the true Kratos. Not to overlook, he did a tremendous job with the armor for the God of War cosplay.

Best God Of War Cosplay

Badgerlock’s Kratos Cosplay.

15. Ailyta

If there are ever going to be any plans for a God of War live-action, then they need to positively contact Ailyta for the carry out of Freya. This Swiss cosplayer has achieved a tremendous job on this cosplay. It is so onerous to say that it’s cosplay.

Ailyta's Freya Cosplay.

Ailyta’s Freya Cosplay.

14. FredWolf

When did the Kratos come out of the sport? At this cosplay, it feels so exact that it’s onerous to say that that is truly solely a cosplay. FredWolf had achieved such a beautiful job in replicating Kratos’s God of War armor, the Blades of Chaos, and he furthermore mastered his elementary combating stance. This cosplay deserves to be one of the best God of War cosplay ever.

FredWolf's Kratos Cosplay, Best God Of War Cosplay Ever

FredWolf’s Kratos Cosplay.

13. Justine Jey

The God of War Kratos is assumed for his rage. Justine Jay’s pose displaying her shouting with anger is a superb concept to painting  Kratos’s notorious Spartan Rage. And it seems to be choose it might very nicely be bigger to not mess with this spartan, or she might ship you to Helheim alongside collectively along with her Blades of Chaos.

Justine Jey's Kratos Cosplay.

Justine Jey’s Kratos Cosplay.

12. (*35*)Karlenkova Natalia

If the sport builders ever ponder creating Kratos in an alternate universe, the place the Spartan shouldn’t be a God nonetheless a Goddess of War. Natalia did an unbelievable job with the cosplay, and the Spartan Rage, in her eyes, is simply on stage. It appears to be like like she goes to kill anybody who comes close to her.

Karlenkova Natalia's Kratos Cosplay.

Karlenkova Natalia’s Kratos Cosplay.

11. Skathi

Geirdriful is probably one among many 9 corrupted Valkyries, whom Kratos eliminates to free their soul. Skhathi’s cosplay as Valkyrie Geirdriful seems to be so exact. And making an attempt on the quantity of labor she did on the armor merely blows my concepts. She did such detailed work on the armor, and different folks Valkyrie wings look so cool that I furthermore need them.

Skathi's Valkyrie Geirdriful cosplay, Best God Of War Cosplay Ever

Skathi’s Valkyrie Geirdriful Cosplay.

10. Marye Le Fay

Fay’s Valkyrie Hildr cosplay from God of War is simply breathtaking. Looking at that costume and notably these wings, I’m unable to even consider how moderately loads onerous work and time she took to make this magnificent costume. The cosplay doesn’t disappoint a bit, and indisputably, it is probably one among many greatest God of War cosplay ever.

Best God Of War Cosplay

Marye Le Fay’s Valkyrie Fay Cosplay

9. Burrovolo

You don’t see one among many 9 corrupted Valkyrie, Gondul, hanging out in your neighborhood park. Burrovolo has actually labored onerous to make that Valkyrie costume, on account of it seems to be so exact that it feels equivalent to the Valkyrie obtained proper right here out of the sport.

Burrovolo's Valkyrie Gondul cosplay.

Burrovolo’s Valkyrie Gondul Cosplay.

8. Abi

Boy, is that you just simply?  Abi can be generally known as Opal Ink Cosplay, has merely nailed the cosplay of Atreus, son of Kratos. Not solely she created a mind-blowing Atreus costume, nonetheless she furthermore matched the attention shade. Her cosplay appeared so exact that for a second, I believed it is perhaps a screenshot from the upcoming God of War Ragnarok.

Best God Of War Cosplay

Abi’s Atreus Cosplay.

7. Romina (Kara)

This swiss cosplayer seems as quickly as further on this tips of one of the best God of War cosplay ever. It appears Romina likes to be a Valkyrie, as except for Rota, she furthermore did a Valkyrie Kara cosplay. Both her cosplay is so good, and notably these wings are worth appreciating.

Best God Of War Cosplay

Romina’s Valkyrie Rota Cosplay.

6. Romina

This swiss cosplayer seems as quickly as further on this tips of one of the best God of War cosplay ever. It appears Romina likes to be a Valkyrie, as except for Rota, she furthermore did a Valkyrie Kara cosplay. Both her cosplay are so good and notably these wings are worth appreciating.

Best God Of War Cosplay

Romina’s Valkyrie Kara Cosplay.

5. Ibelinn

This Norwegian cosplayer did a mind-blowing cosplay of Freya. Further, Ibelinn added a contact of innocence on this cosplay. She is making an attempt so cute as Freya that it made me fall for this character much more.

Ibelinn's Freya cosplay.

Ibelinn’s Freya Cosplay.

4. Strength Sensei

The cosplayer Strenght Sensei launched Baldur, the “immortal” Norse God of Light and the principle antagonist of the 2018 recreation, to life. The cosplayer has not solely matched the apparel, beard, and tattoos, nonetheless he furthermore has the an equivalent eye shade as Baldur from the sport.

Strength Sensei's Baldur cosplay, Best God Of War Cosplay Ever

Strength Sensei’s Baldur Cosplay.

3. Alex Wolf

Wolf is an educated cosplayer and actor. You might need heard his decide and have seen his many cosplays earlier than. In each cosplay, he merely overcomes himself. So did he on this cosplay. It’s so onerous to say that it is a Kratos cosplay and certainly not a screenshot from the sport.

Best God Of War Cosplay

Alex Wolf’s Kratos Cosplay.

2. Lydi Scott

Scott is probably most likely probably the most well-known cosplayers, and he or she has achieved many cosplays from well-liked reveals, animes, and video video video games. She even cosplayed as Freya from God of War. However, on this cosplay seeing the Former Queen of the Valkyrie dancing like this merely melts the center. Since watching this, I’m crushing much more over Freya.


Lydi Scott’s Freya Cosplay.

1. Octokuro

Lady Kratos cosplay need to be made unlawful. As Octokuro’s cosplay as a feminine Kratos is simply excessive. Octokuro doesn’t even want the Leviathan Axe. She can merely kill you alongside collectively along with her magnificence. The cosplay is nice, and her contact of sexiness into the Kratos cosplay is simply the cherry on the perfect.

Best God Of War Cosplay - Octokuro

Octokuro’s Kratos Cosplay.

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