The Air Force on Tuesday acknowledged Lt. Gen. Sami Said will lead a evaluation of the investigation into the Kabul Aug. 29 drone strike that was supposed for ISIS-Okay militants nonetheless truly killed 10 Afghan civilians, together with seven children.

“The secretary of the Air Force has directed Lt. Gen. Sam Said, the Department of the Air Force inspector general, to investigate the facts and circumstances relating to the civilian casualty event on Aug. 29, 2021, in Kabul, Afghanistan,” the Air Force acknowledged in an announcement.


The announcement is available in some unspecified time sooner or later after Pentagon press secretary John Kirby instructed reporters that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered a senior-level evaluation of the investigation that detailed the day’s occasions.

The investigation carried out by the U.S. Central Command discovered that the army mistakenly acknowledged a white Toyota Corolla, believed to be carrying at the least one Islamic State fighter, and as a substitute was carrying a longtime Afghan worker at a U.S. humanitarian group.


The automotive in query had been tracked for eight hours after initially being noticed in an Islamic State compound in Kabul.

The strike was carried out three days after ISIS-Okay set off two suicide bombs exterior of the Kabul airport and killed 13 U.S. service members facilitating the mass evacuation from Afghanistan.

Head of Central Command, Gen. Frank McKenzie acknowledged Friday it’s believed that solely Afghan civilians had been killed all through the Hellfire missile strike that took out the Toyota Corolla.  

“This particular strike certainly was a terrible mistake and we certainly regret that, and I’ve been very clear that we take full responsibility for it,” McKenzie acknowledged all via a press occasion from the Pentagon.

Kirby acknowledged Monday that the Air Force inspector major’s evaluation will look into the thoroughness of the Central Command’s investigation and may decide if disciplinary motion is required. 

“If there is accountability to be held, the decisions about who and what would be done would be a separate consideration,” the Pentagon press secretary acknowledged. 

The evaluation is about to be achieved inside 45 days. 

Said will report immediately to Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall.

Lucas Tomlinson and the Associated Press contributed to this report.