Amir Khan Robbery: Boxer Amir Khan Robbed Watch Stolen At Gunpoint In London


Robbery of Amir Khan: Boxer Amir Khan’s Watch Was Stolen At Gunpoint In London: In presently’s world, crimes can happen at any time. It makes no distinction whether or not or not or not you’re rich or impoverished. The crimes had been devoted not solely by the poor, nonetheless in addition to by the rich. Yes, you heard that appropriate. Amir Khan, a former boxing champion, was lately seen crossing the freeway collectively collectively together with his accomplice, consistent with experiences. Two robbers appeared out of nowhere, brandishing weapons and demanding his watch. Fortunately, no individual was harm all through the incident. He and his accomplice had been each unhurt. In this piece, we’ll check out how he was robbed and what he did afterwards.

Amir Khan

Robbery of Amir Khan

When he was 22, Amir Khan was a recognised world boxing champion. At the age of 17, he earned a silver medal all through the Olympics. He was too youthful and had quite a lot of time left in his occupation to do one factor. When he was youthful, he was excessive about his occupation. He is surrounded by solely the right individuals who observe him essential life programs. He avoids unfavourable folks and people who lack a technique of route of their lives.

Amir Khan’s Watch Was Stolen

Amir and his accomplice had been strolling all by the freeway. Her accomplice trailed him by two paces. Her accomplice was glancing at her telephone and seen that she had acquired some texts. Suddenly, two unidentified males approached Amir, brandishing pistols, and demanding the watch. Amir was terrified on the time, so he surrendered his watch to the burglars. They didn’t take his cash, expensive smartphones, or the remaining from him. There is just one subject they require, and that’s his watch. Maybe his watch was additional worthwhile, or perhaps it was the same price as his telephone. Who is acutely aware of why that is the case. The true nature of the theft was definitely not revealed.

Amir Khan’s robbed watch is valued spherical £71,000

His accomplice trailed him by two steps. She dialled 911 and reported each incidence to the cops. Officials have launched an investigation and are looking for the burglars. It was unclear what the robbers’ intentions had been. Do they wish to give him a message or did they arrive for his watch? Who is acutely aware of what is going on to occur. What is the truth? It will solely be acknowledged as rapidly as cops have apprehended and interrogated the robbers. We presently have restricted data, nonetheless as quickly as additional turns into in the marketplace, we’ll notify you.

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