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Another Life Season 2 Ending, Explained


Netflix’s science fiction drama collection ‘Another Life’ juggles various themes — from household to homesickness to human situation to local weather change to battle — and nonetheless stays true to its area operatic roots. The present follows Niko Breckinridge (Katee Sackhoff) and the more and more dwindling crew aboard the Salvare as they attempt to decide why the alien species often known as the Achaians have despatched an unknown artifact to Earth. Her husband, Scientist Erik Wallace (Justin Chatwin), searches for the reply to the identical query again on Earth whereas making an attempt to maintain their daughter, Jana (Lina Renna), on his personal.

In season 2, Niko lastly will get a glimpse of the true nature of the Achaians, and what she sees terrifies her. She and the crew race in opposition to time to get again to Earth and warn the remainder of humanity. Meanwhile, after the Achaians remedy Jana of the situation that they themselves prompted, they attempt to persuade Erik that they’ve come to assist humanity. Erik comes near believing them, however he develops a wholesome sense of doubt concerning the guests because the collection progresses. Here is every little thing it’s essential to know concerning the ending of ‘Another Life’ season 2. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Another Life Season 2 Recap

The second season begins proper the place the primary one ended. After the Achaians destroy Planet Zakir, the Salvare is caught within the ensuing mass of particles. August (Blu Hunt) and Oliver (Alex Ozerov) die whereas making an attempt to restore the ship. Realizing they’re in a battle, Niko wakes up a fight veteran, Richard Ncube (Tongayi Chirisa). The crew additionally discovers that they’ve a brand new member, an AI created by combining William’s (Samuel Anderson) notion of Niko and the Achaian information he extracted from the spider-like gadget that’s presently protecting Javier (Alexander Eling) alive. The AI later names herself Iara (Shannon Chan-Kent).

On Earth, on Harper Glass’ (Selma Blair) suggestion, Erik seeks the Achaians’ assist together with his daughter’s situation. After he takes her into the artifact and is pressured to go away her there, a portal types, connecting Jana with Niko, who’s inside one of many Achaians ships/rings on the similar time. Later, the crew discovers the Achaian expertise is prone to high-density neutrino bursts. They work out the best way to rework their ship into an enormous cannon able to firing these bursts.

The mission continues to evolve all through the collection. After the crew realizes that the Achaians are hostile, returning to Earth and alerting humanity turn out to be the mission. Following the invention of the tech’s weak point, delivering this new data to Earth takes precedence over every little thing else. Niko chooses to sacrifice herself and sends one a part of the Salvare again to Earth by way of a wormhole whereas she and Richard stay within the different.

The two of them finally discover their manner again to Earth. However, upon their arrival, they uncover, simply as the remainder of the crew has earlier than them, that Earth has agreed to surrender area exploration and Faster than Light journey. In change, the Achaians have given humanity a chunk of expertise to undo all of the damages that people have completed to Earth.

In the season finale, the Salvare destroys an approaching Achaian ship with a neutrino burst, whereas the Achaians blow up the top of their supposed emissary, Seth Gage (Dillon Casey), and make their intention clear. Niko convinces the US President that humanity has solely two choices: combat or settle for perpetual slavery.

Another Life Season 2 Ending: Who Are the Achaians? What Do They Want?

Since they’ve despatched the ships and the artifact, the Achaians have been shrouded in thriller. They are clearly a technologically extra superior society, however their causes for contacting humanity have continued to baffle Niko, Erik, and others. The second season finale offers some solutions about it. The viewers is aware of that the Achaians have despatched these artifacts to lots of of worlds. Some civilizations resisted them — just like the individuals of Zakir — and have been exterminated. Others accepted peace on the Achaian phrases. They survived however grew to become subservient to the Achaian whims.

It is revealed within the second-season finale that the Achaians that humanity has come to know is probably not the true Achaians in any respect. While learning the DNA of the injured “Achaian,” Zayn Petrossian (JayR Tinaco), the Salvare’s medic, notices that characters which can be presumably Achaian letters are a part of the make-up of those entities. This signifies that another person, possibly the true Achaians, created them by assembling pc codes like natural DNA. They are primarily AIs, superior variations of William and Iara.

This principle is strengthened throughout the confrontation between Niko and the “Achaians” contained in the artifact on Earth. Taking the type of Niko’s mom, Jana, and numerous members of the crew, the “Achaians” declare that their makers created them to wash up their mess. This most likely implies that these inorganic entities have been despatched out into the galaxy to rectify the errors of the Achaians. Another chance is that the true Achaians have been exterminated by their very own AIs after creating them to avoid wasting their dying planet. Seeing the damaging nature of sentient lifeforms, the “Achaians” unfold throughout the galaxy to forestall civilizations from leaving their respective house planets.

Either manner, their inorganic nature turns into evident when Niko is ready to infect them with the pc virus she passes into the “Achaians” of the artifact by way of the “Achaian” she carried inside her physique. It destroys the artifact and kills all of the aliens there. Realizing that humanity now has the higher hand, the remainder of the “Achaians” retreat.

Does Niko Reunite with Her Family?

Yes, Niko reunites with Erik and Jana. She and Richard get again to Earth by way of an Achaian artifact they discover on a wierd planet. She sees Erik for the primary time in months when she goes as much as the Salvare. After the “Achaians” go away, Niko reunites together with her daughter. Her estranged mom can also be there, and the 2 girls appear to reconcile. It has been an unimaginable journey for Niko. Since the second she left, she has missed her household. But as she was a faithful soldier and the Salvare’s commander, mission all the time got here first for her. She put herself in hurt’s manner a number of occasions to avoid wasting numerous crew members, not hesitating even as soon as.

The security of her household was one of many causes for Niko to agree to steer the mission. She reworked her issues for her household into motivations that helped her preserve herself going. By the tip of the second season, she has not solely been capable of safe the protection of her household but additionally has gotten again to them.

Why Does the Crew of the Salvare Head Out again into the Space?

After the “Achaians” retreat, quite a few micro wormholes open up all throughout the photo voltaic system. Humanity initially thinks that the “Achaians” have already come again to retaliate. However, it seems that they’re communication channels created by lots of of civilizations that have been underneath the management of the “Achaians,” reaching out to humanity to say thanks. What Niko did contained in the artifact on Earth destroyed the opposite artifacts throughout the galaxy, liberating these worlds as effectively.


A brand new age of area exploration subsequently begins as Niko and the remaining crew of the Salvare journey to those worlds to work together with their new associates. The “Achaians” in contrast humanity to most cancers and wished to maintain the individuals of Earth restricted to the photo voltaic system, claiming that they’d trigger widespread devastation in any other case. The subsequent stage of technological evolution will likely be an important one for humanity. As they journey throughout the galaxy and work together with different species, they may get the possibility to show the “Achaians” incorrect.

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