“Real Time” host Bill Maher referred to as out U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., over the politically charged “Tax the Rich” gown she wore at the Met Gala. 

Maher started the dialog by slamming the elite New York City ball the place all the “servers” wore masks whereas the movie star agency did not.

“There’s something about this that’s not liberal to me,” Maher acknowledged. “Do the germs know who the good people are?” 

“There’s something about this that’s not liberal to me. Do the germs know who the good people are?” 

— Bill Maher

The HBO star then pivoted to the congresswoman’s gown and cited a statistic from New York City that shows “the richest 65,000 New Yorkers out of 8 million people pay 51 percent of taxes.”


“It’s not like we don’t tax the rich at all,” Maher acknowledged. “I’m all for ending income inequality, but let’s not lie. The rich pay a lot of the taxes.”

“Yes, there are lots of things we need to amend about the capitalist system. We have crony capitalism in this country, no doubt about it. I’m just saying, you’re wearing ‘Tax the Rich’ on your ass and people are always saying the rich don’t pay taxes. The rich pay some taxes! They pay a big part of the freight already. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be more perhaps, but let’s not lie,” Maher added. 

‘What people hate’

Maher later referred to as out Ocasio-Cortez’s tweets about the Texas abortion legal guidelines, by which she wrote that “trans men & non-binary people can also menstruate” along with ladies and that, “Trans, two-spirit, and non-binary people have always existed and will always exist. People can stay mad about that if they want, or they can grow up.”

“Maybe if the tone wasn’t like, ‘You morons who don’t know that men can menstruate and what two-spirit is, catch up!’ That’s what people hate,” Maher acknowledged. 

Liberal commentator Dan Savage defended the “Squad” member, telling Maher “trans, two-spirit and non-binary people have always existed,” to which Maher replied, “But many people are just learning about it!”

‘Bad politics’

“Maybe, you know, help us along, explain, don’t have this attitude like the part of the country that isn’t completely caught up with this is just moronic and ‘I can’t even bear to deal with you. Grow up.’ First of all, it’s just bad politics,” Maher acknowledged. “I don’t know if she thinks it’s only Republicans are in that camp who don’t know what two-spirit is. But I think a lot of people are just learning about some of this stuff. And this is new!”

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Savage acknowledged that Ocasio-Cortez’s solutions had been “a little scolding,” nonetheless credited her for sparking a dialog. He later outlined that two-spirit comes from Native American customized to make clear “gender non-conforming” people as having a “male spirit and a female spirit.” 

“I’m a fairly well-informed person and I just learned it,” Maher exclaimed.