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Brit hunted for 1980s rape & murder in Germany after DNA cold-case breakthrough

A BRIT is being hunted for a 1980s killing after a DNA cold-case breakthrough.

The hyperlink was made by German police investigating the rape and murder of saleswoman Regina Fischer, 20, on a distant forest path.

Regina Fischer, 20, was raped and murdered whereas strolling on a distant park in Germany in the 1980s

They have despatched a pattern to the UK and wish officers right here to run by way of databases. British troops had been stationed close to the murder scene.

Bernd Kolkmeier, public prosecutor in the northern city of Celle, stated: “We are sure the killer is from Britain. It might be the perpetrator has since dedicated a criminal offense.

“If this is the case, it will be possible to establish his identity.”

Regina, from Wathlingen close to Celle, vanished on September 24, 1988.

Her bare physique was discovered the subsequent day close to Hassel, 100 yards from the B3 motorway.

She had been raped, strangled and had a number of stab wounds.

Her dad Erwin, 63, stated: “I think Regina picked up a hitchhiker who she knew otherwise she would not have stopped.”

Sperm on the physique produced a DNA profile typical of many Britons.

A verify with UK databases discovered no match however new efforts will probably be made.
The Bergen-Hohne Garrison housed 12,000 British troops.

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