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Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie instructed “Fox News Sunday” that his aim is to try to make sure Republicans get “back to winning again as a party.” 

Christie, who ran unsuccessfully for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, argued that if Republicans cease trying backward and as an alternative look ahead, the social gathering will win back the House of Representatives and Senate in 2022 and pave the manner for 2024.

“We have to win first in 2022 before we ever consider 2024,” Christie burdened on Sunday, including that “more importantly” Republicans want to present Americans with a “positive outlook for what we want to do compared to the disaster that is the Biden administration.” 

Christie additionally argued that “laying out a contrast to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris” and “laying out what’s wrong with what they’re doing and what’s right with our prescription” will lead to the GOP successful back the House and Senate in 2022 and plenty of governorships. He went on to say that it’s going to additionally place the social gathering in “a great position for 2024.”

The former governor mentioned he’ll think about operating for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, however “won’t make any decision until 2022.” 

Speaking with Fox News earlier this month, Christie urged his social gathering to cease trying back to former President Donald Trump’s 2020 election defeat and as an alternative “move on and talk about issues that voters care about.”

Christie has been energetic to date this cycle in serving to fellow Republicans looking for workplace or operating for reelection. He serves as a co-national chair – together with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo – of the National Republican Redistricting Trust, the GOP’s major group to coordinate the social gathering’s redistricting technique and construct assets for its authorized protection. 

He is additionally co-chair of the Republican Governors Association Victory Committee, “raising money for Republican governors and Republican gubernatorial candidates and traveling around the country to do that.”

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“If we don’t win, the Democrats continue to govern and they are going to continue to lurch our country left and give government giveaways that we’ll probably never be able to take away in the future and will change this country forever,” Christie mentioned Sunday. “It’s not what I want to see happen and I don’t think it’s what most people in this country want to see happen.” 

Christie slammed President Biden’s efficiency on Sunday, saying the president and present administration have “failed miserably” to ship on their marketing campaign promise to unite the nation.

“What everybody in America has seen over the last 10 months is he’s just simply not up to the job and his administration is not up to the job,” he mentioned.

Christie additionally argued that Biden as gone “far left” on all of his insurance policies and has “caved” to radicals.

“I mean this is like we elected Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren with the policies of this administration,” he continued. 

Five years in the past, the then-New Jersey governor’s presidential run crashed and burned after a disappointing and distant sixth-place end in New Hampshire’s presidential major, the place Christie had positioned all his chips. Christie shortly backed Trump, who crushed the remainder of the discipline in New Hampshire, launching him towards the Republican presidential nomination and ultimately the White House.

Now, almost 10 months faraway from the presidency, Trump continues to flirt with one other White House run in 2024. Christie is one among the few different Republicans mulling a GOP nomination run who is comfy discussing it publicly.

“Having run already, I’m not going to run for the experience. I’ve had the experience. If I run, I run because I think I can win, and I think I can make a difference,” Christie instructed Fox News earlier this month.

He went on to say he is in no rush to make any resolution as a result of “the people of New Hampshire, the people of Iowa, and most of the people in the country know me, so I don’t have to go through the introductory process. So I’ll take my time, I’ll be thoughtful about it.”


Christie mentioned he can image a state of affairs the place Trump doesn’t run in 2024 relying “on what happens in Donald Trump’s life over the next couple of years and what he decides he wants to do,” including that he “can see him running too.” 

Christie praised Trump’s polices as “outstanding,” however suggested that if he does run once more he ought to look ahead as an alternative of constant to lament the consequence of the 2020 election.

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“Talking about this now is defeating for the Republican Party,” Christie warned

“Voters always want the next election to be about the future, not about the past and there’s plenty to talk about right now with the awful failures of Joe Biden in crime, in education, in taxes and spending, Afghanistan, other foreign policy issues like China and we should be talking about those things and laying out our prescriptions,” he mentioned.

Fox News’ Paul Steinhauser and Robert Sherman contributed to this report.