Texas Rep. Chip Roy instructed “The Story” Thursday that that President Biden’s dealing with of the border disaster is “impeachable.”

CHIP ROY: This is occurring right now, and this president doesn’t care. Article 4, half 4 ensures us a Republican variety of presidency and that the President and federal authorities is meant to guard us from invasion. He is failing and he’s willfully disregarding his obligation to implement the regulation of the United States to faithfully execute the approved ideas of the United States. Not solely is it impeachable, however I ponder that the governor of Texas must start disregarding this president and begin taking it into our non-public fingers in Texas the necessity to protected the border of the United States for the welfare of the fogeys. Not merely us, however the migrants getting abused all through the set up — in the false set up of compassion by Democrats who wish to pat themselves on the as soon as extra.


Texas Congressman on immigration crisis: 'This president does not care'Video