Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol Episode 1 Recap and Ending, Explained


The exhilarating pilot episode of ‘The Lost Symbol’ gives every little issue that the viewers can rely upon from a enterprise developed from a Dan Brown data: thriller, drama, motion, and ample parts of actuality to make us actually query whether or not or not or not what we see on present is feasible. The present facilities spherical a a lot youthful Robert Langdon (Ashley Zukerman), nonetheless fairly good nonetheless with out the refined wryness that his older counterpart appears to private. Here is every little issue it is advisable to know concerning the ending of ‘Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol’ episode 1. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol Episode 1 Recap

The pilot, titled ‘As Above, So Below,’ begins with a prisoner — presumably American — being tortured by the guards in a facility in Ağrı, Turkey. The narrative then shifts to Robert’s class at Harvard, the place he speaks to his school school college students about how the equal symbols are interpreted in some other case within the midst of historic earlier and how that interpretation could find yourself in violence.

He receives a status from a person claiming to be the assistant of his mentor, Peter Solomon (Eddie Izzard), asking him to return to Washington, D.C., to ship a speech on the Smithsonian gala on the US Capitol. Although it’s remaining minute, Robert accepts, figuring out how Peter operates. However, when he’ll get there, he discovers that Peter has been kidnapped by the equal man who often known as Langdon and pretended to be his assistant.


The kidnapper desires Langdon to look out (*1*) He tells Langdon to go looking out and unlock it. As a clue, he leaves Peter’s amputated hand, which Langdon acknowledges by the ring that’s nonetheless there, in the course of the Capitol Rotunda. Langdon acknowledges the tattoos on every finger of the hand on account of the symbols of the Hand of the Mysteries.

Later, with the assistance of CIA operative Inoue Sato (Sumalee Montano) and uniformed Capitol policeman Nunez (Rick Gonzalez), Langdon choices entry to Peter’s secret Masonic altar. There, he finds a pyramid with incomplete inscriptions on it, hidden behind a wall. Meanwhile, after studying about her father’s abduction from Langdon, Peter’s daughter, Katherine (Valorie Curry), visits her father’s workplace and finds an envelope with a leviathan cross in a compartment.

Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol Episode 1 Ending: Who Kidnaps Peter? Who Is Mal’akh?

Peter’s kidnapping triggers the plot, bringing each character the place they’re presupposed to be. By the best of the pilot episode, now we’ve got now an thought of who has taken Peter. The character known as Mal’akh, a muscled and tattooed particular one who’s a grasp of disguise. Using concealer, he hides his tattoos and infiltrates the Capitol to go away Peter’s severed hand.

Later, he sends in a single amongst his males dressed as a janitor, who kills a CIA officer and significantly injures Nunez ahead of telling Langdon to flee from the CIA custody and uncover the portal if he should avoid dropping Peter’s life. Mal’akh desires Langdon to look out the capstone of the small pyramid that he, Sato, and Nunez discovered inside the key room that properties Peter’s Masonic altar.


In the knowledge, Mal’akh is revealed to be Peter’s son Zachary (Keenan Jolliff), who makes an look contained in the flashback scene involving dinner on the Solomon family. Although Mal’akh claims that he killed Zachary, that is later confirmed to be false as he himself tells his father the actual fact. It will in all probability be attention-grabbing to see whether or not or not or not the present retains true to the supply provides or takes inventive liberty. Jolliff doesn’t painting Mal’akh contained in the assortment, American actor Beau Knapp does. But this usually is an easy misdirection on the writers’ half to make the viewers take into consideration that they’re aiming for a specific ending from the knowledge.

Why Is the CIA Investigating Peter’s kidnapping?

As Nunez parts out to Sato, it’s the FBI that normally handles kidnapping. But this appears to be a particular case on account of the CIA will become involved. Langdon briefly wonders whether or not or not or not Peter labored for the CIA, nonetheless that turned out to be not the case. Zachary labored for the CIA in Ankara, Turkey, till he was arrested for trafficking drugs and despatched to the jail in Ağrı. He is the prisoner getting tortured firstly of the episode. The CIA believes that Zachary is ineffective, and the precise particular person accountable for it’s now coming after Peter. Towards the best of the episode, Sato sends one amongst her subordinates to look out out what actually occurred to Zachary.

What Is the Leviathan Cross?

A leviathan cross has the image of infinity on the underside and two mismatched crosses above it. The Knights Templar created the image of the leviathan cross. When Anton LaVey established the Church of Satan, he started utilizing it as one amongst its symbols. The infinity reportedly represents the endlessness of the universe. To constructive sects of Satanists, the leviathan cross represents the concept that folks can uncover steadiness and fact inside themselves and don’t should look for them in any deity.

Robert sees a leviathan cross on a utensil positioned on Peter’s altar and is shocked by it, as he believes that it doesn’t belong there. But contemplating that the leviathan cross would be the image for sulfur in alchemy — and he, Sato, and Nunez smelt sulfur after they entered that room — factors are possibly linked. This is additional bolstered by Katherine discovering the envelope sealed with a leviathan cross mark, which her father educated her is additional compulsory than his life.

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