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President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Act ought to be rechristened the Build Bigotry Better Act. And then it ought to be buried in a shallow grave on Capitol Hill. 

This socialist tax-and spendathon, at the moment pushed by Biden and high congressional Democrats, seemingly would devour $3.2 trillion. As if! Once stripped of accounting gimmicks and augmented with $200 billion in debt-service obligations, this leviathan’s true, 10-year value totals $5.9 trillion. That equals $41,172 for every of America’s 143.3 million taxpayers. 

But this extravaganza’s eye-popping tab is only one of its deadly flaws. This invoice’s insurance policies are nightmarish at any worth. Atop $2.3 trillion in tax increases, lush entitlements, and unicorn-powered Green New Deal experiments, BBBA is a lavish slush fund for important race theorists. 

Final laws possible will emerge, absolutely fashioned, from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s workplace — if the Democrat Party’s left and far-Left wings ever flap in unison. 


For now, BBBA’s current draft rambles on, Biden-like, for two,465 mind-numbing, chapter inducing pages. Within this textual content, one race-fueled time bomb after one other simply waits to explode if, God forbid, Biden indicators this measure into regulation:  

•To qualify for $39.6 billion in federal grants, a authorities faculty system should submit “a local facilities master plan to address the health, safety, education equity, enrollment diversity, environmental sustainability, and climate resiliency of the public-school facilities operated by such agency.” (Page 55) 

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 •This invoice earmarks “Tuition assistance for Alaska native-serving institutions, Asian-American and Native-American Pacific-Islander serving institutions, Native American-serving nontribal institutions, native Hawaiian-serving institutions, and predominantly black institutions.” (Page 127) 

Irish needn’t apply. 

•The $1 billion “Electric Vehicle Charging Equity Program” would “give priority to projects that…utilize or involve locally owned small and disadvantaged businesses, including women and minority-owned businesses.” (Page 465) 

A white man named Elon Musk is aware of slightly about electrical autos. Is he eligible for a charging-equity grant? 


•BBBA mandates “promoting equity” in Medicaid’s home- and community-based providers. (Page 575) 

•$1 billion, partially to make use of “faculty from racial and ethnic groups who are underrepresented among the medical and other health professions.” (Page 676) 

•$175 million for maternal-health amenities that show “racial and ethnic disparities,” even when unrelated to racism. (Page 696) 

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•$100 million for “cybersecurity workforce development and education” at “minority-serving institutions and community colleges.” (Page 897) 

•$750 million for analysis on Family and Medical Leave advantages and disparities involving “race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, national origin, family composition, or living arrangements.” (Page 1,288) 

•Pursuant to federal decree, employers should present, “to the extent available,” info on the races, sexes, sexual orientations, gender identities, and different traits of paid-leave beneficiaries “for the purposes of promoting equity.” (Page 1,310) 

To fathom BBBA’s priorities, think about what number of instances it mentions these phrases in accordance to a key phrase search of the laws:  

•Equity – 44 

•Ethnic – 41 

•Racial – 34 

•Race – 21 

•Merit – 4 

•Equality – 0 

This invoice will dispatch numerous federal ethnocrats to resolve who’s white, Black, or in any other case after which deny or disburse billions of taxpayer {dollars} due to candidates’ complexions. 

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BBBA will underwrite a brigade of racial bean counters to obsess over melanin and resolve which individuals can or can’t convert their pigmentation into paydays. This op-ed alone outlines a $42.6 billion race-driven jackpot.