Disgusting ‘Dubai Porta Potty’ craze scars TikTok customers for all times


Some uncommon points take over TikTok, nevertheless the latest viral sample may merely be the strangest, and primarily probably the most disgusting.

TikTok customers are discovering one factor referred to as the ‘Dubai Porta Potty’ which is rumoured to go on amongst influencers and the elite inside the United Arab Emirates.

The rumoured apply is sickening and truly grossing everyone out on TikTok…


Even though it has been occurring for years and some people are merely discovering out now🤢🤢 #dubai#portapotty#disgusting#arabmen

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What is the ‘Dubai Porta Potty’?

Let’s start by clarifying that there’s utterly no proof this actually goes on in Dubai, it’s all merely an net rumour.

The ‘Dubai Porta Potty’ is rumoured to be one factor that influencers and totally different youthful girls do in alternate for money or objects.

It’s pretty disgusting, nevertheless the thought says that these woman let others excrete on them to acquire baggage, sneakers and totally different materialistic devices.

Yes, by excrete we indicate poop, and wee. Disgusting, correct? But rumours say that’s what goes on.

According to Urban Dictionary, “expensive escorts” are “bought by rich men” to go on “yacht parties” the place they’re defecated and urinated on.

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Internet customers are disgusted

The notion has been taking on TikTok and Twitter over the earlier week and left social media customers horrified.

Apparently, there are moreover films of the alleged scheme flooding the online too, nevertheless we wouldn’t encourage you to go looking out for any.

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Life gained’t ever be the similar after determining about this.

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Regretting all my choices correct now.

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Need to bleach my eyes.

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‘Compensated dating’ floods TikTok

Just remaining week, the phrase ‘compensated dating’ was taking on TikTok, and the ‘Dubai Porta Potty’ scheme hyperlinks into this idea too.

Compensated relationship is a time interval used to clarify the tactic of youthful girls occurring dates with older males in alternate for money or objects.

These dates normally end in sexual actions and the thought is normally associated to prostitution, nevertheless this isn’t at all times the case.

Also commonly known as subsidised relationship comes from the Japanese phrase Enjo-kōsai. 

The phrase doesn’t instantly translate into English, nonetheless it means relationship for assist, assist or assist. 

In Japan, the time interval refers again to the apply of older males giving money or luxurious objects to participating youthful girls in return for sexual favours.

In the western world, this concept is often referred to using the phrases ‘sugar daddy’ and ‘sugar baby’.

We don’t know if the ‘Dubai Porta Potty’ craze truly does go on in Dubai, nevertheless we’re positively scarred for all times over the thought. Thanks masses TikTok!

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