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Does Rip Kill Jamie on Yellowstone?

‘Yellowstone‘ has been building towards a major conflict between Jamie and the rest of the Dutton family members. In the third season finale, the family members except for Jamie are all under attack from a group of masked assailants. Although all of them survive, the family is now on the hunt for the attacks’ mastermind. The incident has prompted some rigidity between the Dutton household, with some suspecting Jamie of being the offender. Is Jamie actually behind the assaults? And if that’s the case, will Rip make him pay for his deeds? Here’s the whole lot you’ll want to know in that regard!

Does Rip Kill Jamie on Yellowstone?

In the fourth season premiere of ‘Yellowstone,’ all of the Dutton relations survive the assault on their life. Beth believes that Jamie is behind the assaults and confronts him at his workplace. Her suspicion isn’t unfounded as Jamie was neither attacked nor did he contact his adoptive household to ask about their well-being. Jamie counter’s Beth acquisitions by informing her that he did check-in, simply not on her. Following their heated argument, Beth warns Jamie that she’s going to kill him herself ought to he be behind the assaults.

In the fourth episode of the season, Jamie learns that his organic father, Garrett, is related to the assaults. Even although it looks like Jamie was fully unaware of Garrett’s actions, the revelation may land Jamie in scorching waters. The Dutton household is after revenge, and will Jamie attempt to defend his start father; he may additionally change into a goal. So how does Rip issue into all this?

Firstly, Rip is fiercely loyal to the Dutton household and has beforehand performed their soiled bidding. For instance, within the fourth season premiere, Rip kills Rourke, a thorn within the Duttons’ path. Therefore, he may do the identical to Jamie. Moreover, Rip has the added motivation to go after Jamie as a result of Jamie harm his lover, Beth. However, there may be one other issue that might contribute to Jamie dying at Rip’s arms.

In the third season, followers of the present discovered that when Beth was youthful, she grew to become pregnant with Rip’s child. She turned to Jamie for assist. Jamie took her to a clinic on the Broken Rock Reservation to get an abortion. However, the one solution to abort a child on the clinic was sterilization. Jamie hid this reality from Beth, and following her abortion, Beth grew to become infertile. Thus, she developed a life-long resentment in the direction of Jamie.

Although Rip is conscious that beth can not bear kids, he doesn’t know that Jamie is the rationale behind it. Therefore, if Rip have been to seek out out about Jamie’s actions all these years in the past, he may kill Jamie as revenge. Of course, both of the reason being sufficient for Rip to go after Jamie, however a mix of each is extra possible as it will permit Rip to keep up the respect he has earned from John.

In the trailer for the fourth season, we see Jamie threatening somebody with a gun. The individual seems to Beth. In the following shot, we see Rip aiming a gun at an unseen individual. The sequence of photographs ends with the sound of a gunshot. The precariously organized sequence has additionally fueled fan hypothesis that Rip will kill Jamie within the upcoming episodes.

Rip killing Jamie will even make for a surprising second that can have important ramifications for Beth, Jamie, Rip, and John. If Jamie decides to facet with Garrett, there’s just one manner his story is more likely to finish, and that’s his loss of life. Whether or not Rip is the one to ship the ultimate blow stays to be seen.

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