Former White House Coronavirus Response group member Dr. Scott Atlas claimed on Sunday that “”science has become politicized,” adding that the internal politics in the field is “damaging” and “there is no transparency.” 

He went on to argue that “this undermines the validity of the analysis and their statements,” and alleged there is a “cabal” in science. 

“There is a type of a gaggle of individuals, very highly effective individuals in science, who’re on the NIH, like Dr. [Anthony] Fauci and others in academia and within the scientific journals,” he told “Sunday Mornings Futures.”  

“The prestigious grants, the way in which you get promoted within the college is to have NIH [National Institutes of Health] grants,” Atlas went on to say. “You submit papers to those journals. The individuals who assessment the grants to get them accepted or not, to present you funding, are the identical individuals within the NIH and within the journals.” 

“It’s a cabal,” he continued. “They management the cash, they management the scientific cash, they management the careers of everybody.” 

NIH and White House spokespeople did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment on Sunday. 

Atlas blasted Fauci, Dr. Deborah Birx and former CDC Director Robert Redfield in a new book saying that he was “disgusted” by their dismissal of scientific data he presented to them during the Trump administration.

In the book, “A Plague Upon Our House” which Fox News Digital obtained an advance copy of, Atlas says he presented data and studies showing that schools should be reopened and that children are not significant spreaders of the coronavirus, but was virtually ignored by Fauci and others on the team.

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Speaking on Sunday with host Maria Bartiromo Atlas said, “I’d convey into the duty power scores of papers … 20 scientific publications and when requested about my opinion, I’d undergo the information.”

He went on to say that when he would “cite the information” to the other members of the task force, “all I heard from them was both nothing, silence, or just calling me an outlier.” 

“And then they might run to the media and do that advert hominem assault stuff,” he continued, arguing that “there was no essential pondering there.” 

 “There was no quotation of a examine,” Atlas told Bartiromo. “In reality, they by no means disagreed with one another.” 


Last month, Atlas slammed Dr. Birx for an “Orwellian” attempt to “rewrite historical past” after she testified before Congress.

Birx testified before the House Select Subcommittee on the coronavirus pandemic earlier this month, saying that officials in former President Trump’s White House did not take steps to push mask-wearing, social distancing, and other mitigation steps that could have prevented thousands of COVID-19 deaths. 

Birx also reportedly slammed Atlas, saying he advocated for letting COVID-19 spread through the population to reach herd immunity. The New York Times reported Birx testified that she repeatedly raised her concerns about Atlas’ positions and theories to other doctors on the task force. 

Atlas, delivering a point-by-point rebuttal to reports of Birx’s testimony about his role, told Fox News that her claim that he advised Trump to “let the an infection unfold extensively with out mitigation to realize herd immunity,” telling Fox News that “is fake.” 

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“I by no means suggested the president, the Task Force, or anybody else whereas in Washington to permit the virus to unfold,” Atlas said. “Dozens of my writings and interviews throughout my Washington service explicitly known as for particular mitigations, together with social distancing, further hygiene, and masks when not in a position to socially distance, and ‘centered safety,’ a heightened safety of these in danger, to permit a protected opening and finish the general public well being destruction from lockdowns.” 

Atlas argued “the information reveals that pure immunity, individuals who have recovered from the illness, not solely have safety, they’ve higher safety” than those who have been vaccinated, but never had the disease. 

“This is one thing that was identified for many years,” he argued. “This is fundamental information about viral an infection, together with coronaviruses.” 

“The safety wanes with the vaccine in a faster time than the safety wanes from pure an infection so pure an infection confers safety, vital sturdy safety,” Atlas added. 


“The United States is bizarrely denying the science,” he claimed, adding that the country is “denying reality and this reveals actually an indictment of the general public well being management of this nation.”

Fox News’ Andrew Mark Miller, Brooke Singman and Andrew Murray contributed to this report.