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Dr. Stone Chapter 211: Release Date & Spoilers


The preparation for a journey to the moon begins with Dr. Stone Chapter 211, with Suika and Chrome doing the latest science tasks with the remainder of Science Kingdom Crew. Dr. Stone reveals the battle between the rival Scientists, Senku and Dr. Xeno, planning to take the battle to the moon. From the current Dr. Stone,  the crew tries to search out why a human will petrify themselves on the moon and the rocket they’re about to craft. They notice that the rocket is a one-way ticket to the moon, and it may not return since as soon as it lands, it would get destroyed. Suika realizes that the blokes going to the moon won’t ever see them till the remaining crew heads there to revive them.

The workforce has begun to craft the rocket, and Sai is busy with making a pc. Kaseki is working with one other group melting the rocks to make Aluminum. Senku taught the crew how they’d work and draw a map for them. He reveals the substances they use to craft the rocket. Gen, Kaseki, and Koharu are glad that Senku’s demonstration is straightforward, however it would take exhausting work and affected person like all the time. Gen is coping with the electrical energy half and analyzes the steps that he has to observe.

They notice that it’s going to want extra electrical energy, and Aluminum is canned electrical energy. Ryusui and Senku notice that they want a hydroelectricity plant to supply that amount of electrical energy in Stone World. Senku wonders in regards to the energy from water, and Suika feedback that they’re heading to a spot with loads of water. Senku realizes that it’s a place that Suika is aware of plenty of rivers, and so they have a home-based and sources there.

Previously on Dr. Stone Chapter 210

Later the crew determined to go to Japan, and Ryusui is stunned that they’re mixing the sources around the globe. Kohaku talked about her homeland, and Senku added that Senku 11 is getting in-built Japan. But they are going to sail the medusa ready for the rocket to be prepared. Senku and Ukyo spoke in regards to the Twenty first-century of us who will get revived quickly. Ryusui feedback that Senku is hiding a terrific secret since his captain instincts inform him that the medusa can revive the lifeless and be a supply of eternal life.

Dr. Stone


Senku replies that they received’t waste time since they must launch the mission, and it’s ten billion for Ryusui. The medusa is the one-way ticket to the moon. Chrome realizes that there has to a few pilots and the primary one, Ryusui. Tsukasa and Hyoga might be their troopers. Senku and Xeno are the designers of the rocket and wonders what an beginner like him will say. Xeno is the effectivity skilled, and he’ll assist Senku in regards to the oneway journey, and he has no proper to go towards them.

Chrome wonders how he may also help the crew, and he decides to construct braveness inside him since he’s a part of a workforce. Chrome determined to create one thing to assist them come again to the earth and instructed Suika about it. He additionally talked about how he can spell the phrase rocket, however Suika, who’s weak, made that revival fluid alone. Chrome provides that he and Suika will work collectively and construct the return rocket. Sai joins the 2 and decides to be a part of the undertaking since they’re critical about it.

Dr. Stone Chapter 211


Dr. Stone Chapter 211 Release Date

Dr. Stone Chapter 211 might be launched on 17 September 2021. Due to some adjustments, this manga will launch Dr. Stone Chapter 211 on Friday, however the subsequent chapters will proceed with the Sunday launch. Dr. Stone’s newest chapter spoilers will launch throughout the week earlier than chapter 211 launch on Friday. The manga will get up to date each Sunday until it will get delayed as a consequence of a break. You can learn Dr. Stone Chapter 211 on-line on VIZ. Don’t miss the crafting of Senku 11 in Japan on the upcoming  Dr. Stone manga that may launch on Friday earlier than returning to the Sunday schedule.

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