He merely wants some assist wiping.

A Florida man was seen in a viral video utilizing his hand to function his windshield wipers all by way of a rainstorm.

But now the driving stress that shot that frequent clip must wipe the slate clear after he first seen the incident as a joke.


Now he’s hoping to hunt out the driving stress and elevate cash by means of a GoFundMe internet net web page to help fixing the automotive, based on native tales.

The video, seen 1000’s of occasions on social media, shows a man dangerously working his windshield wipers manually with his left arm prolonged out of the window all by way of a torrential downpour so he might even see the highway whereas driving.

Brad Allison, who filmed the bizarre interplay, mentioned he at first “thought it was really funny and then, I also thought it was sad,” he urged ABC 7.

“I’ve been stuck with no wipers and had to use RainX and I mean, I know how that is and I give him credit for trying to get to where he had to go. But I’d like to see him get there a little safer,” he urged the outlet.

In response, Allison is asking for the general public’s assist in figuring out the driving stress to assist improve his journey, and has even began a GoFundMe internet net web page to fund the repairs.

“Perfect world, I’d like to see him get into a new car,” Allison mentioned. “At least get some wipers put on his car and a new headlight.”

“It’s funny how you can look at things in two different ways and go from wow that’s hilarious to wow, maybe he needs a hand,” Allison mentioned.