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GOP Sen. Johnson calls Waukesha tragedy ‘reality of Democratic governance’

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) slammed Democratic officers Tuesday following the Christmas parade assault in Waukesha over the weekend that killed a minimum of 5 folks and injured dozens extra.

“When you look the other way, when you almost encourage lawlessness — just like, let’s face it, you have political figures during the summer riots of 2020 encouraging people to donate to the bail fund so you can bail these people out … When you encourage lawlessness, you’re going to get more of it,” Johnson stated throughout an look on “Fox & Friends.”

“It becomes more and more violent. It starts spilling over from crime-ridden, generally Democrat-governed cities into the surrounding areas,” the senator added. “I think that’s probably what we witnessed here in Waukesha.”

Darrell Brooks, 39, was as a consequence of seem in courtroom later Tuesday for arraignment after he allegedly plowed an SUV via parade members within the Milwaukee suburb.

Waukesha Christmas Parade attack
An SUV plowed right into a Waukesha Christmas parade, killing a minimum of 5 and leaving dozens injured.

At the time of the rampage, Brooks was out of jail on $1,000 money bail after allegedly punching his ex-girlfriend and purposefully operating her over in a Milwaukee gasoline station car parking zone on Nov. 2, per courtroom paperwork.

“It’s a tragedy. We need to — we need to tighten things up. We need to actually put violent criminals in jail and keep them in jail,” Johnson stated. “We can’t continue this catch and release, whether it’s at the southern border, or whether it’s in our criminal justice system in crime-ridden cities.”

“I hope more Americans are waking up to the reality of what Democratic governance means and what the result of it is,” Johnson stated later within the interview.

On Monday, the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office introduced an inner investigation of how Brooks was given such a low bond given his felony historical past and the seriousness of the fees in opposition to him within the alleged assault on his ex.

“The state’s bail recommendation in this case was inappropriately low in light of the nature of the recent charges and the pending charges against Mr. Brooks,” the DA’s workplace stated in a press release.

A candle light vigil in Waukesha, Wisconsin
A candlelight vigil in Waukesha, Wisconsin, for the victims of the auto assault on the Christmas parade.
AFP by way of Getty Images
Darrell Brooks
Darrell Brooks was out on $1,000 bail for allegedly punching and deliberately operating over his ex-girlfriend when he allegedly plowed his SUV right into a Christmas parade, killing 5 folks.
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“The bail recommendation in this case is not consistent with the approach of the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office toward matters involving violent crime, nor was it consistent with the risk assessment of the defendant prior to setting of bail.”

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