Texas Governor Greg Abbott warned Tuesday that President Biden’s open border insurance coverage insurance policies are bringing further migrant caravans to the border on ‘Hannity.’

Gov. Greg Abbott: You talked about how what Joe Biden is doing by the catch and launch and allowing of us to return again in, that opens the floodgates. You know, we’ll deal with 1,000 proper right here 1,000 there migrants coming all through the border. Texas can maintain 1,000 out. But resulting from what Joe Biden is doing, that’s why you instantly have 10-15 thousand merely in the Del Rio sector alone. 

And resulting from Joe Biden’s open border insurance coverage insurance policies, you’ll see more and more extra caravans. I had a briefing presently with border patrol, with the Texas Department of Public Safety and National Guard and they also say there are further caravans coming. So we’re rising our forces as we talk correct now, Sean, to be prepared to deal with crossings like this on a variety of fronts. Texas is having to engage in a war that the Biden administration should be fighting to protect a variety of fronts of our border.


Gov. Abbott: We are increasing our forces to deal with more caravansVideo