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Today’s really arduous news: President Joe Biden underwent a colonoscopy. I imagine now we have unique tape of the process.

Thank God they discovered nothing unhealthy in his colon. Well, apart from his head. It was a powerful process for the docs,  they didn’t know which finish to work on. So they introduced in a veterinarian – they wanted somebody skilled with the horse’s ass. Of course, that meant throughout the process, Kamala Harris was in cost.

Yeah, she was simply a polyp away from the presidency.

In different news, the Dems and the media are enraged. I do know. Surprise! Also — the earth is spherical, the sky is blue, and I’m good-looking.

So what set them off? Was it rising crime? Broken provide chain? Joe pooping in the sink? 


No, one thing much more critical. A Republican posted a meme. Yes, a meme. Quick let’s convene a crooked panel made up of left-wing psychos to condemn it.

ERIN BURNETT: A sickening put up by a sitting member of Congress. 

CHARLIE SYKES: Paul Gosar is a bigot with some critical psychological points. 

ANDERSON COOPER: Congressman Gosar is the dying menace anime man. 

CHRIS CUOMO: is that basically simply a joke? It’s the solely approach this man appears to like to joke. He’s always threatening folks.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: no you are not supposed to do this and it isn’t humorous and the youngsters don’t care about your anime. It was not good. 

JOY BEHAR: what do they let anybody run for congress as of late – anyone?

So they’d a vote to censure him. Over a meme. Once once more tackling the actual points that have an effect on the common, hardworking, taxpaying citizen. 


Now, the final time I checked — a meme did not: 

1.  Demand that activists get in your faces if issues do not go your approach politically; 

2. Excuse the burning down of companies  — redefining crime as protest, leaving dozens lifeless, and inflicting extra injury than Brian Stelter at Golden Corral; 

3. Call for the focusing on of fogeys involved over the brainwashing of their youngsters; 

4. Separate youngsters by race so they begin at the earliest age to hate one another; 

5. Push to defund the police throughout the nation, leaving a void that thugs fortunately exploited.

Who did all that? Well, I’ll offer you a trace – it wasn’t a meme. It wasn’t a wacky dentist like Gosar. By the approach, he cannot be any wackier than my dentist who as soon as informed me that “water picks aren’t just for teeth anymore.” And was he proper! 


Sure — no matter Gosar did was silly, I assume. Because for a temporary second, he acted like a Democrat! But getting the Dems to play by their very own guidelines? That’s like pulling enamel. Now I nonetheless haven’t seen the precise meme. Although instantly after he was censured, he retweeted it. That’s my sort of man. Well, that and Brazilian underwear fashions.

And why did not I see it? I have a tendency not to take a look at silly stuff on-line. If I’m in the temper for deranged ramblings, I’ll flip via Kat’s diary. She doesn’t know I’ve my very own key. The truth is, like my affair with Whoopi Goldberg, nobody would have recognized about the meme till the media amplified it. And they do this as a diversion from their very own precise mayhem.

Rittenhouse trial proves that left doesn’t care about factsVideo

We live in an period the place the media and the activist class actively subvert civil society whereas making an attempt to destroy those that attempt to cease them. So forgive me if I do not be a part of the Dems of their feverish outrage over one thing you notice (like the moon touchdown or Kamala’s smile) is not actual. Like a meme. 

It’s like getting offended arguing about whether or not Santa Claus is Black or White. I couldn’t care much less if the Democrats put up memes. I wouldn’t care in the event that they posted mimes. At least mimes know when to shut the f*** up. Right?

Meanwhile, they simply put the Qanon shaman behind bars for practically 4 years.  His crime? Showing up dressed like a Viking and scampering round the Capitol like a highschool senior emptying lockers on the final day of faculty. In different phrases, he was performing identical to the individuals who really work in the Capitol the different 364 days a 12 months. As the Babylon Bee famous, if solely he burned down a automotive dealership, he would have gotten a lighter sentence… Or his personal taste of ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s.

But who’s going to battle for him? And name him an “activist?” No one. I assume I may level out the hypocrisy in all of this, however why? When Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert does it for us.

LAUREN BOEBERT: Since this speaker has designated the ground to talk about members’ inappropriate actions, lets?  The jihad squad member from Minnesota has paid her husband, and not her brother husband, the different one, over a million {dollars} in marketing campaign funds. This member is allowed on the international affairs committee whereas praising terrorists. … My colleague and three-month presidential candidate from California who’s on the intelligence committee, slept with Fang Fang, a Chinese spy.

Excuse me girl — making enjoyable of Omar and fart man Swalwell? You making an attempt to take my job? If Lauren begins calling Kat a drug addict, I’m suing for copyright infringement. 


Fact is, incendiary language can solely go a technique. It’s purely acceptable for libs to excuse actual aggression.

MAXINE WATERS: If you see anyone from that cupboard in a restaurant, in a division retailer, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd, and you push again on them, and you inform them they’re not welcome.

CHUCK SCHUMER: Want to let you know, Gorsuch, I wanna let you know, Kavanaugh, you may have launched the whirlwind and you’ll pay the value.

CHRIS CUOMO: Please, present me the place it says protesters are supposed to be well mannered and peaceable as a result of I can present you that outraged residents are the ones who’ve made America what she is.

JOY REID: This Kyle Rittenhouse trial, it reminded a lot of individuals of one thing … the Brett Kavanaugh hearings … in America there’s a factor about each White vigilantism and White tears.

So you higher shut up, whereas they will get extra in your face than Nancy Pelosi’s workforce of surgeons. 

Step again and take a look at all the pieces. Manipulating video to assault Covington Catholic college youngsters. The focusing on of fogeys. The imprisoning of the January sixth rioters for years. The media’s distortion of the Rittenhouse case – and focusing on choose and jury. 

Hannity: ‘It was a huge day for the right of self-defense’Video

And keep in mind the “whip” story the place the left and the Dems tried to smash a border patrol officer by mendacity about him whipping migrants? President Biden mentioned: “I promise you, those people will pay.” But like most of his guarantees — and his digestion — it was nothing however scorching air. Where the hell did that story go? It’s more durable to discover than Mitch McConnell’s chin.

And why are we letting the mob off the hook? Hey Republicans! Grow some balls!  Whose facet are you on anyway? 

And after all, there’s this whole hoax designed to undermine an election, cuz the media not solely hated the winner however hated his voters extra.

ALISYN CAMEROTA: Much of the file has been corroborated

ADAM SCHIFF: When you take a look at simply what has turn out to be public, a few of the public data could be very a lot consistent with what’s reported in that file … The 3 core targets that are outlined in that file by that specific supply do appear to be very well-born out 

DON LEMON: Much of the file has been corroborated 

JOE SCARBOROUGH: If you take a look at certainly one of the memos from Comey written in February of 2017, he successfully says that enormous parts of the Steele file have been corroborated 

ALISYN CAMEROTA: The file has been corroborated 

RACHEL MADDOW: There are components of the file that basically have been confirmed out.

It’s fairly clear. The left is shedding. So they gotta battle soiled. Target, instill worry, and if anybody fights again, use political and media energy to destroy them. So I kinda forgive folks like Gosar posting silly memes. They’re new at this sport.

But it is a sport the Dems and the media have been perfecting for years. But the sport clock is working out, and they’re about to suffer a huge loss. But hey, possibly they will blame it on a meme.

This article is customized from Greg Gutfeld’s opening monologue on the November 19, 2021 version of “Gutfeld!”