President Biden and his administration are planning to ship American taxpayer cash to Afghanistan as the economy continues to tank again dwelling with report inflation, fuel costs rising, and supply-chain chaos, Sean Hannity stated Tuesday throughout his opening monologue – including that many Americans are starting to publicly show their frustration with the White House.

The U.S. has agreed to present humanitarian aid to a Afghanistan, which is on the brink of an financial catastrophe, whereas at the similar time refusing to give political recognition to the nation’s new Taliban authorities, the Taliban stated Sunday. State Department spokesman Ned Price referred to as the discussions with the extremist regime “candid and professional”. The Biden workforce said, nevertheless that the talks in Qatar over the weekend shouldn’t be seen as a sign of a forthcoming formal recognition of the Taliban authorities in Kabul.

Hannity famous Biden has now gone 40 days with out mentioning the American residents nonetheless stranded behind Taliban strains in Afghanistan, regardless of his deliberate expenditures of taxpayer funds to that nation.

“The Biden administration is planning to send more money to the Taliban. They’re calling it humanitarian aid, but in reality, where I grew up, that looks an awful lot like a massive ransom payment to terrorists.”

Afghanistan, he stated, is just one of the lengthy checklist of issues Biden has touched that “becomes an unmitigated disaster.”

The American individuals are taking discover, he added, pointing to an incident final week following a NASCAR race the place the crowd yelled anti-Biden chants. 


NBC Sports reporter Kelly Stavast was interviewing race winner Brandon Brown amid thundering chants of “F— Joe Biden” from the crowd. Stavast appeared to downplay the chants and insisted that the crowd was truly shouting “Let’s go Brandon.”

Since then, “Let’s go Brandon” chants have develop into an anti-Biden meme and have erupted in a number of sporting occasions and enormous gatherings throughout the nation like in New Jersey at a New York Jets game.

“Let’s go Brandon is a new favorite among Americans,” he stated. “You, the American people, have every reason to be angry at Joe Biden.”

“He is failing this country around every turn and you are paying the price,” the host added. “Inflation is now costing families $175 per month or $2,100 more per year — “compliments of Joe Biden,” Hannity said.


He noted that Biden’s administration also appears more invested in a “inexperienced” agenda than the economic impact of their policies on everyday working class Americans.

“At the heart of our present financial disaster is a clueless president experiencing steep cognitive decline,” he stated, pointing to Biden ending his workday as early as 3 p.m. on Tuesday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.