FIRST ON FOX: A brand new bill launched this week by House Republicans would reclaim Congress’ authority over refugee admissions into the United States, create new types of screening and end the Department of Homeland Security secretary’s skill to parole migrants into the U.S.

The Safeguards Ensuring Criminal and Unvetted Refugees don’t Enter (SECURE) America Act, introduced by Rep. Matt Rosendale, R-Mont., would reclaim the authority to set a yearly refugee cap from the manager, that means that caps would be set by a joint decision of Congress.


Under the Trump administration, the yearly cap was lowered to fifteen,000 and has been quickly elevated to 125,000 by the Biden administration concurrently it has additionally started introducing an estimated 95,000 Afghan refugees outdoors of that cap.

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Rosendale, chatting with Fox News, described a pendulum swing between administrations on points like immigration and refugee admissions since Congress had on condition that authority to the manager.

“So there’s no kind of consistency or predictability from anybody, anywhere whether we’re talking about immigration, refugee issues or just business in general and so Congress has to reclaim authority in all of these areas,” he stated.

“When we’re looking at the invasion that has taken place in our country over the last 10 months, immigration is a big part of that,” he stated.

The bill would additionally rescind the authority of DHS to parole refugees and migrants into the U.S. While parole is meant for use on a case-by-case foundation for pressing humanitarian functions or important public profit, it has been used broadly by the Biden administration to permit in tens of hundreds of Afghans. Fox News reported Wednesday that it’s also getting used broadly on the southern border, with greater than 30,000 migrants paroled since August.

The bill would additionally introduce further vetting necessities, together with that the Homeland Security secretary, FBI director and director of nationwide intelligence all certify {that a} refugee just isn’t a menace to nationwide safety. The screening would additionally embody an “assimilation likelihood screening” to make sure that these coming in maintain views appropriate with the U.S. and don’t help non secular violence or a separate system of non secular legislation.

It comes amid fears about vetting which have been raised by Republicans and fueled by plenty of allegations of legal exercise on navy bases the place Afghans are held. Administration officers have defended what they described as a “multi-layered” system and have famous that the extent of legal exercise is decrease than that of the final inhabitants, given the variety of refugees which are positioned on base.


“We screen and vet individuals before they board planes to travel to the United States and that screening and vetting process is an ongoing one and multilayered,” DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas stated final month.


A White House official instructed Fox News that screening and safety are performed by intelligence, legislation enforcement and counterterrorism officers from a number of companies.

Rosendale had been an early critic of efforts to resettle Afghans within the U.S., and was one of many first Republicans to oppose them being moved into his dwelling state.


“This is why I spoke out even before the withdrawal began, you could see it looming on the horizon that this administration was going to use this as an excuse to bring in hundreds of thousands of people out of Afghanistan and try to relocate them into the United States without proper vetting,” he stated.

The bill would additionally transfer energy to the states by giving governors or chief executives 30 days discover previous to refugees being resettled of their state and provides them the authority to reject any deliberate refugee strikes to their states. It would additionally require that any refugee who commits a violent crime be ordered faraway from the nation.

The bill, which incorporates greater than a dozen co-sponsors, together with Rep. Tom Tiffany, R-Wis., Lance Gooden, R-Texas, Bob Good, R-Va., and Mary Miller, R-Ill., is the most recent effort by Republicans on the refugee challenge.

Last week, House Republicans on the Oversight Committee referred to as for the DHS Office of Inspector General to analyze the processes behind the Afghan withdrawal effort. The OIG stated it doesn’t verify or deny if an investigation is underway.