FIRST ON FOX: House Oversight Committee Republicans despatched a letter to President Biden’s Port Envoy John Porcari Thursday afternoon urging the Biden administration to address and discover options for the “ongoing supply chain crisis” within the United States.

The letter, which is signed by all the Republican members of the House Oversight Committee, stated the disruptions within the supply chains have been supposed to be “temporary,” however famous that “labor shortages and growing backlogs” have been making it extra doubtless that these points would proceed into 2022, delaying a protracted listing of vital items for Americans.

“Meanwhile, the Biden Administration appears unwilling to recognize the growing supply chain crisis,” the letter reads. “Instead, the Vice President is advising parents to buy Christmas gifts early—something much easier for those workers not awaiting a Christmas bonus—and blaming climate change.”


The House Oversight Republicans stated that over the course of lower than three weeks the variety of container ships anchored off the coast of Californiaclimbed from 40 on Sept. 1 to a “record-breaking” 73 ships days later, including that among the “vessels” have been sitting for greater than two weeks in contrast to a 3.5 days common pre-pandemic. The letter stated that trains have been going through large backups and delays as nicely, together with a Chicago railyard that was backed up for 25 miles.

“The delays at ports, railyards, and warehouses stem directly from extreme labor shortages, caused in large part by the Biden Administration’s and congressional Democrats’ misguided policy to pay people not to work,” the letter stated. “Further, President Biden’s unilateral vaccine mandate will likely worsen the situation as employers are forced to terminate employees unwilling to be vaccinated.”

The House Oversight Republicans then requested whether or not the supply chain disaster was “acceptable” to the Biden administration, reiterating the worsening situations.

“It must be acceptable, because the Biden Administration has shown little interest in helping the American people. Rather, it appears more interested in growing the federal government’s power and reach, from spending trillions in taxpayer dollars to pushing vaccine mandates,” the letter continued. “If we pass the Democrat’s proposed $3.5 trillion spending bill which raises taxes across the board, the cost of living for every American will increase. Between inflation and the new taxes in the bill, there will be no prosperity, but may be this is the intent of the Biden Administration.”

The letter concluded by requesting a “staff level briefing” no later than Oct. 26 to “better understand the Biden Administration’s approach to solving the supply chain crisis.”

Biden tapped Porcari because the port envoy to his White House Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force again in August. He beforehand served because the deputy secretary of the Transportation Department through the Obama administration.

On Wednesday, Biden praised his supply chain disruption staff for his or her “leadership,” regardless of White House press secretary Jen Psaki admitting that the administration couldn’t assure Christmas presents would arrive on time in December.

“I especially want to thank Joe Porcari, and I think Joe’s done one heck of a job, my special envoy specifically on ports, who’s been working this issue with all the stakeholders for the past several weeks,” Biden stated Wednesday, singling out Porcari and calling him by the wrong first identify twice.