Incredible moment shark gets EATEN by massive fish in shocking video


THIS is the unbelievable moment a shark gets eaten by a massive fish.

Fishing captain John Brossard and his crew sailed out of the US metropolis of Goodland, Florida, and recorded the incident.

The prey was a blacknose sharkCredit: Pen News/John Brossard
An Atlantic Goliath Grouper ate the shark as fishermen watched in disbelief
An Atlantic Goliath Grouper ate the shark as fishermen watched in disbeliefCredit: Pen News/John Brossard

John, 57, talked about they have been shocked when the shark they hooked was swallowed in one chew by a quite a bit larger fish.

The captain watched in disbelief on account of the Atlantic goliath grouper swam off with their catch.

Recalling the expertise, he talked about: “Basically we have been shark fishing when impulsively two or three goliath groupers began hanging out beneath the boat ready for our catch to return once more in.

“We were just thinking ‘wow, unbelievable! Something is going to eat a shark and it’s bigger than a shark.’

“We have been very shocked. Basically it ate the shark, and took down and broke the freeway.

“We were using a 50-pound test line and that was not enough.”

John talked concerning the prey was a blacknose shark, estimated to be three toes in dimension.

The grouper, in the meantime, weighed some 500lbs, he believes.

He added that they have been fishing in a spot that could be harmful even to mainly primarily essentially the most fearsome predators.

The seaman outlined: “Where we have been fishing is principally the Florida Everglades.

“There are sharks, alligators, crocodiles, pythons, dolphins and manatees all in one place.

“It’s the only place in the world that has all these creatures in one place and everything there tries to eat everything else.

“Bull sharks have been seen getting eaten by crocodiles and alligators sometimes, and sharks also get eaten by bigger fish there.”

Goliath Grouper particulars

The Goliath Grouper is a saltwater fish that may attain terribly large sizes, rising to lengths of 8.2 ft and weighing as somewhat quite a bit as 800 lbs.

It has a broad head, spherical tail, small eyes and quick dorsal spines.

Its coloration is mostly mottled brownish-yellow, though some might seem gray or olive, in sustaining with American Oceans.

Atlantic Goliath Groupers favor shallow heat waters the place there are synthetic or coral reefs – very like all through the Florida Keys and the Gulf of Mexico.

Their primary meals present are crustaceans very like shrimp, crab, and spiny lobsters.

Groupers furthermore eat utterly totally different species together with parrotfishes and stingrays, youthful sea turtles and octopuses.

Large groupers might feast on barracudas and sharks.

The Goliath Grouper is protected in opposition to reap in the United States and is recognised by the World Conservation Union as a critically endangered species, Florida State University explains.

Because they’re so large, they don’t have many predators, aside from king mackerel, barracuda, moray eels and sharks such on account of the sandbar and good hammerhead.

The species has been threatened by native local weather change and world warming furthermore due to on account of the ocean turns into hotter, further dangerous micro organism, pathogens and parasites develop.

He added: “Where we fish it’s fairly wild. That’s the rationale we fish there – and what we wish to catch is massive fish.

“They are all predators in the Everglades. You don’t wanna get lost there and have to walk or swim home.”

The encounter has furthermore left John, who runs Shark Chaser Charters, pondering whether or not or not or not sharks deserve their terrifying standing.

He talked about: “Do they deserve all of the hype?

“I think about usually constructive and often no, however more often than not no.

“Of course, if you get in their way, in their territory and the water is dirty, yes, they will taste you to see if you are good eating.”

John Brossard said he and his crew were stunned when the grouper ate the shark
John Brossard talked about he and his crew have been shocked when the grouper ate the sharkCredit: Pen News/John Brossard
The grouper dragged the shark underwater and swam away
The grouper dragged the shark underwater and swam awayCredit: Pen News/John Brossard

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