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Introducing America’s latest hero: Woke Superman

This week, it was introduced that Superman not stands for the American approach. Instead, it’s “Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow.” His son, Jonathan Kent, got here out as bisexual. Now DC Comics presents the rewritten adventures of everybody’s favourite Social Justice League member.

It looks like Superman has a new weakness — bail reform.
It seems like Superman has a brand new weak point — bail reform.
The Green New Deal is suddenly a top priority for the Man of Steal.
The Green New Deal is abruptly a high precedence for the Man of Steal.
No amount of Border Patrol could keep young Clark out of Smallville.
No quantity of Border Patrol might preserve younger Clark out of Smallville.
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a totally unremarkable classroom.
It’s a hen! It’s a airplane! It’s a completely unremarkable classroom.
Defund the Justice League!
Defund the Justice League!
Not even Lex Luthor would come up with this one.
Not even Lex Luthor would give you this one.

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