Fox News contributor Joe Concha suggested “Fox & Friends First” that New York Magazine’s present piece is “exhibit A of how desperate” liberal media “cheerleaders” for the Biden administration have become. New York Magazine creator Jonathan Chait claimed in a model new essay that opposing President Joe Biden was principally the an identical as supporting authoritarianism taking keep inside the U.S.


JOE CONCHA: The creator’s title is Jonathan Chait and he appears to be screaming to adapt to 1 facet, one political crew or be labeled anti-democracy which is the ultimate phrase contradiction packed into one sentence. 

Jonathan Chait is the an identical man who wrote 20 years prior to now that the 2000 election was stolen from Al Gore and now he is arguing that besides you assist $3.5 trillion in new spending all through a time when core inflation is at a 30-year extreme or besides you assist a border that is so open that we’re on tempo to allow 2.3 million people into this nation, or the Department of Justice’s effort to crack down on mom and father who care what their children are being taught, or besides you fake the current administration is competent ample to run the federal authorities – which a majority of Americans actually really feel it is not — you are the downside.

If you want Exhibit A on how desperate Democratic cheerleaders inside the media are over the precise danger that their celebration’s majority will doubtless be worn out in 2022 and inside the 2024 election regardless of who the nominees are – whether or not or not it is Trump or Biden or Kamala Harris and Nikki Haley or Ron DeSantis — this piece utterly reeks of that desperation.


Joe Concha rips writer for claims Biden opposition shows 'authoritarianism'Video