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Palm Beach is a blue county in an an increasing number of purple Florida. In 2020, they chosen Joe Biden over Donald Trump 56-43, and in 2016 they picked Hillary Clinton 56-41.  

So it’s stunning that Palm Beach County is anxious in such a passionate fight regarding the masking of kids in schools. 

In most blue areas, the place masking has prolonged develop into a benefit signal in its place of a safety measure, kids are masked as a matter actually. In New York City, kids ought to mask in school even whereas out of doors and even whereas socially distanced. There are no protests about this, no contentious public conferences. The masked side has clearly obtained and people who don’t must needlessly mask their kids have few selections.  


New York State has a blanket mask mandate for schools, no school districts can determine out, no private schools may make a novel choice. But in Palm Beach, the mom and father are stopping and they are stopping onerous. 

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The school board conferences have develop into legendary affairs the place emotional nonetheless very well-spoken mom and father convey proof, current examples of various nations which have dropped teenager masking, and try and work together with a school board that is overtly ignoring the will of the people.  

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One of the further outspoken pro-mask members of the school board, ​​Alexandria Ayala, was photographed not too way back partying maskless in a giant crowd at the swanky Breakers Palm Beach. Outrage ensued. Ayala took to Twitter to argue she nonetheless believes in masking kids at school. “Vaccinated adults around other vaccinated people can go maskless. But until students are vaxxed, they need to stay masked.”  

Of course, all data reveals unvaccinated kids have a very good lower risk of a poor COVID-19 consequence than vaccinated adults. It’s this particular rejection of the data that has led people like Ayala to indicate masking proper right into a political assertion regardless that they themselves can’t hold it.  

There are no off-ramps for these masking tips. No end date, no metric. It’s an ideology and no particulars alter the tips.  

Two weeks in the previous, a bunch often known as The Florida Civil Rights Coalition “filed a lawsuit against the School Board of Palm Beach County, its Superintendent Michael Burke, and Board Chair Frank Barbieri Jr., on behalf of multiple parents and students in the Palm Beach County School District seeking declaratory and permanent injunctive relief against the school board’s unlawful mask mandate.”  

Parents have had enough. There are no off-ramps for these masking tips. No end date, no metric. It’s an ideology and no particulars alter the tips.  

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It’s not just Palm Beach County each. These lawsuits are going down all through the nation. With names like “Let Them Breathe” in California and “Unmask our kids” in Connecticut, mom and father are organizing. And suing.