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Kim Jong Un enjoys bizarre display of force by shirtless soldiers


North Korean chief Kim Jong Un, who paraded his nation’s missiles in a present of force this week, additionally flexed his rogue regime’s muscle with an outlandish display of brute human power.

State TV footage has gone viral of shirtless, brawny soldiers performing an exhibition supposed to indicate the Hermit Kingdom’s enemies that “iron fists” are half of the arsenal, The Hill reports.

The despot stated he aimed to construct an “invincible” military to counter “hostile” US forces.

The video featured bizarre feats of power all through.
Kim Jong Un reacted gleefully during the exhibition.
Kim Jong Un reacted gleefully throughout the exhibition.

In the video posted on Twitter by North Korea-focused journalist Martyn Williams, Kim will be seen smiling because the muscle-bound troops use their arms to smash bricks positioned on others’ chests and break chains round their our bodies.

Some of the soldiers broke concrete tiles by performing operating soar kicks, others engaged in choreographed hand-to-hand fight and one shirtless participant was pummeled throughout his physique with lengthy poles – clearly impressing Kim, who applauded.

One of the crazier stunts was carried out by soldiers who used sledgehammers to interrupt concrete slabs – by putting the naked arms of their comrades, who positioned them on the targets.

The video additionally reveals a soldier breaking two bottles after which mendacity on his again on the glass shards, although it was unclear what army worth the ability supplied.

On Monday, Kim accused the US of “wrong judgments and actions,” in a marked change of posturing because the turnover from former President Donald Trump’s administration.

North Korean shirtless men
It’s unclear what some of the acts proved in phrases of army ability.

“The US has frequently signaled it’s not hostile to our state, but there is no action-based evidence to make us believe that they are not hostile,” Kim stated. “The US is continuing to create tensions in the region with its wrong judgments and actions.”

Standing amid the arsenal of intercontinental ballistic missiles on the Defense Development Exhibition, he stated the weapons will not be supposed to begin a conflict however to guard North Korea.

Kim Jong un North Korea shirtless men
The exhibition is meant to indicate the Hermit Kingdom’s enemies that “iron fists” are half of its arsenal.

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