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Magh Bihu 2022 date, Happy Magh Bihu Wishes In Assamese Language

Magh Bihu

Magh Bihu or Maghar Domahi is a harvest pageant noticed in Assam, North-East India, that marks the conclusion of the harvesting season within the month of Magh (January–February). For the ceremonial finish and prayer to the God of Fire, a bonfire (Meji) is lit. The Tibeto-Burman, Austroasiatic, and Indo-aryan cultures and festivities shaped the pageant Magan of Kachari.Feasts and bonfires are a part of the vacation. Young individuals assemble Meji and Bhelaghar properties out of bamboo, leaves, and thatch, devour the meals ready for the feast in Bhelaghar, after which burn the huts the following morning. Traditional Assamese sports equivalent to tekeli bhonga (pot-breaking) and buffalo combating are additionally a part of the festivities.


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Magh Bihu 2022 Date

Magh Bihu celebrations start on the final day of the earlier month, often the twenty ninth of Pooh, which is 14 January in trendy instances, and is the one day of Magh Bihu in present instances (earlier, the pageant would final for the entire month of Magh, and so the identify Magh Bihu). The night time earlier than is “Uruka” (Pooh’s twenty eighth), when everybody gathers round a bonfire, cooks meals, and has an excellent time. During Magh Bihu, Assamese individuals create rice truffles identified by many names equivalent to Sunga Pitha, Til Pitha, and different coconut desserts often known as Laru. Hence this yr this pageant fall on January 14th, which is meant to be friday.

Happy Magh Bihu Wishes In Assamese Language

Every state has it is personal significance in celebrating the festivals and wishing their buddies in their very own languages that’s what provides pulse to the feelings. Magh Bihu, being the pageant of Assam, the individuals of Assam share their needs in Assamese. Herev are the listb of few needs which might be shared in Assamese and you may take a look at it.

  • আমাৰ বাপতি সাহোন ভোগালী বিহুৰ আন্তৰিক শুভেচ্ছা জনালোঁ। সকলোৰে জীৱনত যেন এই বিহুৱে কঢ়িয়াই আনে একতা, শান্তি আৰু ভাতৃত্ববোধ, তাৰে কামনা কৰিলো।

  • আজি উৰুকাৰ এই পবিত্ৰ ক্ষণত সদৌটিলৈকে বাপতি-সাহন ভোগালী বিহুৰ আন্তৰিক ওলগ আৰু শুভেচ্ছা জ্ঞাপন কৰিলোঁ। লগে-ভাগে এসাঁজ খোৱাৰ সাতামপুৰুষীয়া পৰম্পৰা অটুট ৰাখি উলহ মালহেৰে পাৰ হওঁক ভোগালীৰ উৰুকা।

  • মাটি মাহৰ হাওদাৰে মিঠা আলুৰ পিঠাৰে বৰা চাউলৰ আঠাৰে জহা চাউলৰ সুগন্ধিৰে জীৱন ভোগালী হৈ পৰক *তাৰে কামনাৰে .. HAPPY BHOGALI BIHU . শুভ ভোগালী বিহু 

  • ভোগালী বিহু বতৰত মেজি ঘৰত পিঠা খোৱা পৰত তোমালৈ মাঘ বিহুৰ হিয়াভৰা শুভকামনা জনালো ।

  • আপোনাৰ লগতে পৰিয়ালৰ প্ৰতিজন সদস্যলৈ ভোগালী বিহুৰ আন্তৰিক শুভেচ্ছা আৰু শুভকামনা জনালো । সকলোৰে আহি থকা দিন বোৰ সুখ ,সমৃদ্ধি ,শান্তি আৰু ভোগালীৰ ভোগেৰে উপচি পৰক তাৰেই শুভকামনাৰে..

  • ভোগালীৰ উলাহে সমাজৰ পৰা অসূয়া-অপ্ৰীতি সমূহ বিনাশ কৰি শান্তি আৰু ভ্ৰাতৃত্ববোধৰ বতৰা কঢ়িয়াই আনক। আটাইলৈ ভোগালীৰ শুভেচ্ছা যাঁচিলো।

  • ভোগালী বিহুয়ে সকলোৰে জীৱন লৈ সূখ সমৃদ্ধি কঢ়িয়াই আনৰ লগতে ভাতৃত্ব বোধৰ এনাজৰী ডাল আৰু সুদৃঢ় কৰক আৰু মেজিৰ জুইকুৰাই যেন অপায়-অমংগল,হিংসা-বিদ্বেষ সকলোবোৰ পুৰি শেষ কৰি কঢ়িয়াই আনে অনাবিল আনন্দ… সেই শুভ কামনাৰে ভোগালী_বিহুৰ হিয়াভৰা আন্তৰিক শুভেচ্ছা যাঁচিলো

  • ভোগালীৰ মেজিৰ পৱিত্ৰ বহ্নিয়ে অাতৰাওক সমাজৰ সকলো অসূয়া-অশান্তি ভোগালীৰ ভোগে জীপাল কৰক অসমবাসীৰ হিয়া-মন প্ৰীতিৰ ভোজে সুদৃঢ় কৰক সম্প্ৰীতিৰ এনাজৰী । ভোগালী বিহুৰ অন্তৰিক শুভেচ্ছা যাচিলো।

The language right here could also be troublesome however that is what brings the texture of Nativity to the individual when wished in their very own language.

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History Of Magh Bihu 2022

According to some historics, the historical past of Bihu will be traced again to historical instances (3500 BC), when individuals carried out hearth sacrifices in change for a bountiful harvest. The celebration is meant to have originated hundreds of years in the past through the time of the Dimasa Kacharis, an agrarian tribe that resided within the northeastern portion of the world. According to the Vishnu Puran, there was an historical celebration known as Bisuva that was celebrated when the solar moved from one signal of the Hindu zodiac calendar to a different. Bihu is claimed to be the modern-day equal of the Bisuva pageant.

Magh Bihu 2022 Rituals

The first day of Magh Bihu, which is well known over two days, is named Uruka or Bihu eve. To benefit from the feast, younger individuals assemble improvised shelters known as Meji and Bhelaghar out of bamboo, leaves, and thatch. On today, girls put together a feast with meals equivalent to Chira, Pitha, Laru, and Curd. ‘Bhuj’ is organised at night time, and other people benefit from the great meals within the improvised huts whereas spending time with their family members. On the second day of the festivities, a post-harvesting ceremony often known as Meji is held, and bonfires are lighted within the fields as individuals pray to their ancestral gods. People burn the improvised huts on today as a part of the Meji Jwaluwa ceremony.

Magh Bihu 2022 Images

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Magh Bihu 2022-FAQs

1. When is Magh Bihu Celebrated?

Magh Bihu is well known on 14th January of yearly.

2. How is that this celebrated?

Bihu is well known in three levels.

3. From which state the bihu originates?

Bihu originates from Assam.

4. On the tip of which month the Bihu is well known?

Bihu is well known on the twenty eighth day of Pooh Month

5. What is identical pageant in Tamilnadu known as?

In Tamilnadu, this pageant known as as MakaraShankaranthi.

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