Mum breaks down in tears as she apologises after her son, 9, was mauled to death by 100lb dog as she drank & took drugs

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A MUM who drank and took drugs as her nine-year-old son was mauled to death by a 100lb American bulldog-cross broke down as she apologised for her “selfish actions”.

Tawnee Willis acknowledged she was “truly, truly sorry” after leaving Frankie Macritchie alone with the vicious dog to get together with buddies.

Tawnee Willis apologised for her ‘egocentric actions’ that led to her son’s deathCredit: Refer to Caption
Frankie Macritchie, 9, was mauled to death by the vicious 100lb American bulldog-cross
Frankie Macritchie, 9, was mauled to death by the vicious 100lb American bulldog-cross

The powerless schoolboy suffered 54 accidents and big blood loss after the beast – which had beforehand bitten one completely different teen – pounced on him.

He died from blood loss precipitated by the a number of dog bites after the brutal assault at a caravan website online in Looe, Cornwall on April 13, 2019.

The mom educated an inquest: “I’m truly, truly sorry. I miss him every single day and I do know they [Frankie’s family] do.

“I know their heart breaks, mine does too. I know nothing I can do will change what happened.

“I’m sorry my egocentric actions have precipitated them tons heartache.

“From the bottom of my heart, I wish they can find some closure and find some peace.”

Willis claimed she had checked on her son a minimal of 4 or 5 occasions on the fateful night time whereas she joined buddies for a drink in a neighbouring caravan after consuming in the park’s social membership.

But the now 31-year-old had furthermore been snorting cocaine whereas Frankie was left alone with the “extremely powerful “animal, a Crown Court choose beforehand heard.

She educated the senior Cornwall coroner the little boy – who had a coronary coronary coronary heart state of affairs – was having enjoyable with on his PlayStation alone whereas she drank, carried out having fun with taking part in playing cards and listened to music in the early hours.


A police officer who attended the scene acknowledged she was underneath the affect of “alcohol or drugs” in the hours after the incident.

Willis acknowledged she checked on Frankie at 1am and he acknowledged he wished pizza as a outcomes of he was hungry – nonetheless she educated him she wasn’t going to put collectively dinner so late at night time and handed him some Mars bars.

She acknowledged she then returned an hour later to give her son his therapy, telling the inquest she “was back and forth”.

The 31-year-old, giving proof to the coroner, acknowledged on her remaining examine, the American bulldog cross Staffy bull terrier, named Winston, adopted her to her caravan.

The mum acknowledged she requested her pal and the proprietor of the vicious pet, Sadie Totterdell, 29, if the animal was okay spherical children.

Willis outlined: “The final time the dog adopted me in. Frankie requested me if the dog might maintain.

“I asked Sadie and she said ‘Take Winnie, Winnie loves kids’. I just did not think anything of it and I just left them.”


But the police had spoken Totterdell a couple of earlier incident in 2016 when the dog “threatened a woman”, the senior coroner Andrew Cox revealed.

The mom of 1 completely different youthful boy had furthermore spoken to Totterdell concerning the damaging pet in 2018 after it bit her son and required hospital therapy.

The inquest heard she left them in the caravan for “about an hour” prior to she went as soon as extra to uncover “the most dreadful sight”.

Willis horrifically discovered her son’s butchered physique on the underside – whereas the dog chillingly sat on the couch “just looking at me”.

The mum started screaming for what “felt like a lifetime” as she crouched over Frankie.

She acknowledged there had by no means been any components with Frankie and the dog and that she was unaware Winston had beforehand attacked a toddler.

Holidaymakers rushed to the little boy’s help as they have been woken by the screams, who’ve been as we converse praised for his or her valiant efforts.

Willis educated the heroic Colin Smith and mum Sarah Thompson: “I just want to say thank you for helping me that night.

“I’m sorry that I put you in that situation and you had to witness that.”

Daddy is so misplaced with out you little man I actually don’t know one of the best ways I’m ever gonna stick with out you.

Billy MacRitchieFrankie’s father

The pair have been furthermore applauded for his or her actions on the “truly horrific scene” by the coroner, whereas Frankie’s household acknowledged Mrs Thomspon was “an angel”.

Frankie’s grandmother Pauline Elford acknowledged: “Being a mum yourself I can imagine how this has affected you. We can only say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Frankie’s dad Billy MacRitchie, who wasn’t on the vacation, shared a heartbreaking tribute to his son on the time saying his “world has shattered into a million pieces” after his death.

The coroner described the case as ” aserious error of judgement, a serious mistake.”

He acknowledged it was not a case of illegal killing and it’d set off offence to the household to return an unintended death conclusion.


Willis was jailed for 2 years in June 2020 after admitting teen neglect at Truro Crown Court. She has since been launched from jail.

The dog’s proprietor Sarah Totterdell, 29, was caged for 3 years after she admitted being the precise particular person in worth of a dog dangerously uncontrolled inflicting damage ensuing in death.

She was banned from holding canines for ten years and Winston was later put to sleep.

The coroner acknowledged he would write to the police relating to the dog’s earlier outbursts to guarantee that they’d improved their dealing with of comparable conditions.

“Steps could have been taken earlier to avoid this tragic outcome,” he added.

He recorded a story conclusion on the harrowing inquest into Frankie’s death.

“While left unsupervised he was attacked by a friend’s dog and suffered fatal injuries. He died in the caravan in the early hours of 13th April 2019. He died from the injuries inflicted in a dog attack.”

Frankie pictured with his father Billy MacRitchie
Frankie pictured collectively collectively along with his father Billy MacRitchie
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