Mum horrified as son and pal, 8 & 9, are rushed to hospital after accidentally eating sweets laced with cannabis


A MUM has instructed of her horror after her son and his pal accidentally ate ‘sweets’ laced with cannabis.

The boy and woman, aged eight and 9, had been rushed to hospital after discovering the unopened packet in Rutherglen, Scotland.

The children thought they’d discovered a packet of Nerds sweetsCredit: West Yorkshire Police

They thought that they’d discovered a packet of the favored sweets model, Nerds, the Mail Online analysis.

But they’d truly truly picked up psychoactive sweet, containing 600mg of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – roughly equal to smoking 50 cannabis joints.

The mum of thought-about certainly one of many kids now desperately needs to warn fully totally different dad and mom contained in the Fernhill space.

She acknowledged: “My son was out playing with his friend and there was an unopened packet of what they thought was Nerds sweets just left at a wall there.

Both of them regarded shocked, their eyes had been massive and they’d been laughing at every little issue.


“I’ve regularly instructed him not to choose factors up, nonetheless you discover what kids are like with sweets.

“He and his pal ate them whereas out collaborating in.

“When they came back to the house me and his friend’s mum realised there was something wrong.”

“Both of them looked stunned, their eyes were large and they were laughing at everything,” she added.

“I acknowledged to my pal that it was like they’d been excessive, nonetheless I by no means thought they really had been.

“We had to take them to hospital as they were getting worse. That was when he mentioned they’d found this candy.”

The mum acknowledged that thought-about certainly one of many nurses they spoke to acknowledged this wasn’t the primary case they’d seen like that lately.

She added: “His friend had it worse then he did, she was screaming out in the hospital and was in a bad way.

“My son stays to be a bit confused about it, and he’s not wanting to eat any sweets or one factor like that as he is apprehensive it will occur as quickly as further.

“I’m still in complete shock that this has happened because it’s not something I’d heard of before, where they’re designed to look like normal kid’s sweets. I just want people to be aware things like this can be found out there.”

One of the kids had to preserve in hospital in a single day after struggling a nasty response.

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