Netflix’s The Father Who Moves Mountains Ending, Explained


‘The Father Who Moves Mountains’ is a hauntingly stunning film. It’s not simply because it was filmed contained in the gorgeous and imposing Bucegi Mountains, nevertheless furthermore due to writer-director Daniel Sandu pits his protagonist — a person of seemingly indomitable spirit — within the course of the may and immovability of the mountains the place his son has gone lacking.

The movie unfolds like a morality play and does have a central lesson it desires to point its viewers. But it furthermore enunciates the human components, investing effort and time in establishing why the protagonist is keen to financially and emotionally destroy himself to go searching his son when all folks else, collectively alongside together with his former accomplice, appears to have given up. Here is every issue you must know regarding the ending of ‘The Father Who Moves Mountains.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Father Who Moves Mountains Plot Synopsis

Former Romanian intelligence officer Mircea Jianu (Adrian Titieni) is settled in his life. He is an prosperous man with connections contained in the authorities due to his work. Mircea is in a relationship with a a lot youthful woman, Alina (Judith State), they usually even have a toddler on the most effective methods. They have even gotten a mannequin new dwelling, which they’re preparing for the toddler’s arrival. Just when Mircea’s new life appears to be completely glad and fulfilled, the outdated one comes calling. He learns that his son Cosmin and his girlfriend Daniela have gone lacking contained in the Bucegi Mountains.

Daniela contacted the emergency suppliers and educated them that she was misplaced contained in the mountains. The authorities subsequently educated Daniela’s mother and father, who educated them about Cosmin. While heading within the course of one among many cities positioned on the foothills of the Bucegi, Mircea lastly will get a hold of his former accomplice, Paula (Elena Purea), and tells her what has occurred.

After reaching the city, Mircea meets Cristian Nistor (Valeriu Andriuta), the pinnacle of the mountain rescue workers. He learns that each one their efforts up till this stage have been futile. They have discovered no indicators of every Cosmin or Daniela. With their telephones being lifeless, the best-case situation is that they’re trapped someplace. But it’s winter, so even after they’ve shelter, they’ll solely closing for subsequently extended.

Mircea has regularly been a person of motion and feels that he can’t sit idly by whereas his son is accessible available on the market contained in the mountains, seemingly freezing to lack of life. So, he convinces Cristian to let him be part of the search get collectively nonetheless quickly realizes how grueling trekking in snowy excessive altitudes may be. Frustrated by the shortage of progress contained in the search operation, he reaches out to his outdated contacts contained in the agency. Shortly after, a unit of the intelligence agency arrives with state-of-art expertise to assist him uncover Cosmin. Meanwhile, Paula spends most of her time contained in the church.

Even with the company and their gear, no traces of Cosmin and Daniela can initially be discovered. Cristian feels that his authority has been usurped after the company consists of the city. An house woman goes lacking contained in the mountains, and her mom begs Mircea to allocate numerous the sources to go searching the lacking woman. But each he and Paula determine that discovering Cosmin takes priority over every issue else. The Mountain Rescue lastly finds the girl, and Mircea’s actions earn him the resentment of an entire metropolis.

The Father Who Moves Mountains Ending: Does Mircea Find Cosmin? Are Cosmin and Daniela Dead?

No, Mircea doesn’t uncover Cosmin. Yes, Cosmin and Daniela are lifeless. Arguably, the 2 most important motifs contained in the movie are guilt and obsession. Mircea cheated on Paula and in the long term left her. Cosmin was predominantly launched up by his mom. When he goes lacking, Mircea is overwhelmed with a fashion of guilt due to he hasn’t been there for his son all this time. His frantic search for Cosmin stems from that guilt and eventually evolves into an obsession.

The agency operatives lastly uncover Cosmin and Daniela’s telephones buried collectively underneath numerous meters of snow. This leads them to conclude that the youthful adults died collectively in an avalanche. Filip (Tudor Smoleanu), Mircea’s outdated good pal and colleague, implies that they need to wait till spring to get properly the our our our bodies. But Mircea refuses, convincing him to maintain up digging. His obsession has now turned from discovering his son alive to recovering his physique as quickly as doable. And that obsession nearly kills fairly lots of people all via an avalanche. The agency subsequently refuses to assist him any longer and leaves.

Alina leaves when she finds out that Mircea has provided their residence so he can use the cash to provide a reward for whoever recovers Cosmin’s physique. Daniela’s mother and father depart quickly after, too bodily and emotionally exhausted to proceed any longer. Even Paula leaves, pondering that it’s her presence that’s defending Mircea there. But Mircea stays. Every day, he goes out with some employed folks and trusted and dependable assistant Laurentiu (Virgil Aioanei) to dig out Cosmin’s physique.

Eventually, Alina comes as soon as extra, they usually additionally reconcile. But Mircea’s battle within the course of the mountains continues. At this stage, his actions are pushed not primarily by obsession nonetheless by a selfless and deeply-rooted resolve. On the radio, he hears {{{that a}}} man has been injured contained in the mountains, and he lets others go assist that man whereas he retains on digging. The movie ends there, with Mircea not nevertheless recovering his son’s physique.

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