New Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries will stop woke art projects being funded by taxpayers


NEW Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries will stop “crackpot” woke art projects being funded by taxpayers, a extreme Tory declared yesterday.

Lefties slated her promotion to the Cabinet in Boris Johnson’s reshuffle, as she is awfully important of the BBC and “snowflakes”.

Nadine Dorries, newly-appointed customized secretary, is ready to showcase the faucets for woke art projects funded by the taxpayersCredit: Alamy

She has typically often known as the BBC left-wing, hypocritical and patronising and has attacked woke customized for years.

But Cabinet colleagues leapt to the defence of the I’m a Celebrity contestant and best-selling creator.

They talked about she will convey realism to the very important issue carry out overseeing the UK’s arts, TV and sport sectors.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace talked about: “She’s bought 1000’s and 1000’s of books and now if that isn’t a part of customized, media and sport I don’t know what’s.

“What’s great about Nadine Dorries is she produces culture that people buy and actually want to see rather than some of the more crackpot schemes we’ve seen being funded in the past by taxpayers’ money.”

Ms Dorries, the MP for Mid Bedfordshire, has written a dozen bestsellers and made an notorious look all through the ITV jungle in 2012, which briefly noticed her suspended from the Conservative Party.

She was readmitted in 2013 and, after backing Mr Johnson to be PM, was made a properly being minister in 2019. But it was the 64-year-old’s elevation to one of the best desk that angered critics.

The New York Times’ European customized editor Matthew Anderson talked about: “Germany’s culture minister is a trained art historian; France’s wrote a book on Verdi. The new UK culture secretary . . . ate ostrich anus on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.”

Last night time Downing Street backed Mr Wallace’s declare, saying it was important that all authorities departments sought the very best value for taxpayers’ cash on any funding given out.

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