OAP couple ‘in despair’ after just receiving £294 fine letter for overstaying in car park by one minute SIX YEARS ago


A PAIR of pensioners are “in despair” after receiving a £294 fine for overstaying in a car park by just one minute – SIX YEARS ago.

Terry Foster, 77, and accomplice Lynn, 71, talked about they “don’t know which way to turn” after being despatched the mammoth invoice for the over half a decade outdated discrepancy.

Terry Foster, 77, and accomplice Lynn, 71 say they overstayed by just one minute and would possibly battle the trendy fine ‘on precept’Credit: Google maps

The couple outlined they initially acquired a fine in October 2015 for exceeding the 20-minute time dimension on the car park off Hessle Square in Hull by just 60 seconds.

Six years down the freeway, they thought the fine had been forgotten about -before they acquired an alarming letter by strategy of the door earlier this yr.

Lynn educated the Hull Daily Mail: “I acquired my first letter about this in March this yr, six years after the fine, and I educated my son and he talked about to disregard it.

“He passed away 12 weeks ago, and I know he’d have helped and supported us through this. I am so scared and don’t know what to do.

“When I first acquired the related charge years ago I wrote the cheque out to pay, then I thought-about it, and on precept I did not pay, as now now we have been one minute over.

“I assumed it was all forgotten till I began getting letters out of the blue in March. I’ve had just a variety of now, and the newest one this week is for £294.

“I don’t know which way to turn.”

The car park was managed by parking enforcement firm Auto Security on the time, nonetheless the premises have now modified fingers.

But the earlier house owners in the in the meantime are chasing the OAP’s for the fine and have warned the couple they may face courtroom motion if they do not stump up the money.

The menacing later furthermore talked concerning the claimant is now entitled to “damages” for the unpaid penalty in addition to curiosity at eight per cent.

Terrified Lynn turned to the Citizens Advice Bureau for steering, who immediate her to pay £5 every week.

But the 71-year-old insists on stopping the fine as a matter of “principle” and has as a substitute reached out to Hull West and Hessle MP, Emma Hardy, for her assist.

It appears the Foster’s are sometimes not the one individuals being adopted up for historic fines – as others have furthermore acquired letters demanding fee or threatening courtroom motion.


A girl from Brough, who didn’t must be named, talked about: “My quantity is £288.70. It was often called Plaza 20 minute car park as quickly as I parked there.

“I hadn’t seen the signs, which I know is no excuse but I dispute being there more than 20 minutes,” she outlined.

“My parking ticket shows I was there for exactly 20 mins, not over 20 minutes.

“I disputed it on the time, then by no means heard one factor till I not too prolonged ago began getting bailiffs threats. Now I’ve acquired a courtroom letter.

“I’m going to defend the claim though I’m worried I’ll get a County Court Judgement.”

Another native, Martin Curtis, talked about he too had acquired a County Court letter referring to his keep it up the same car park in Hessle in May 2017,

“We have 14 days to reply,” he talked about. “I’m in the process of getting advice from a solicitor.

“The CCJ is now for £275 with court costs and interest.`”

The Sun Online was unable to succeed in Auto Security for remark.

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