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Parasite Movie Ending Explained: What Happened To The Kim Family?


Parasite (2019)

This article will cowl the reason of the Parasite film ending. The South Korean movie that first premiered within the yr 2019 took the world by storm. It went on to turn out to be the best movie of that yr. The best movie of the yr was not only a title it bought from the viewers, but it surely actually earned it. The film gained the most effective image award on the 92nd Academy Awards. In addition to that, the film gained awards within the class of Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best International Feature Film as nicely. However, what made this an even bigger spotlight is that it grew to become the primary movie ever to win the most effective image award that was not an English language movie. Moreover, it was additionally the primary South Korean movie ever to even get acknowledged on the Oscars. Winning there was the largest achievement ever.

Another nice accomplishment Parasite achieved was to win each the Academy Award and the Palme d’Or for the most effective image. It was once more the primary South Korean film to win the Palme d’Or for finest image in 2019. Palme d’Or is the best honor awarded on the Cannes Film Festival. The movie had an astonishing storyline that gained the hearts of the viewers. Parasite mixed the genres of thriller and black comedy to creating it an distinctive bundle. Even the critics have been shocked how good the performances have been in keeping with the story. The South Korean movie obtained wonderful views from the critics. Therefore, the film at present has a rating of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes. It additionally has a very excessive ranking of 8.6 out of 10 on IMDB. However, Parasite Movie Ending has been a significant query among the many viewers. So allow us to go forward and discover out about it.

Parasite Movie Ending

Plot Of The Movie: What Was The Movie All About?

This South Korean masterpiece follows the story of a poor household that struggles to outlive with their low-income jobs. The family members embody the daddy named Ki-taek, the mom named Chung-sook, the son named Ki-woo, and the daughter named Ki-jung. The pal of Ki-woo named Min-hyuk offers the Kim household a scholar’s rock whereas leaving for overseas that’s meant to usher in wealth. He additionally tells Ki-woo to pose as a University pupil and get a job at a rich home. Ki-woo does the identical and will get the job of an English tutor for Da-hye, who’s the daughter of the Park household.

He then will get his entire household employed at totally different positions in the home. The Kim household even will get the home by themselves when the Park household goes on a visit. However, their enjoyable time on the home is interrupted when Moon-gwang arrives. She had been a long-time housekeeper earlier than the Kim household bought her fired. Moon-gwang involves see her husband Geun-sae, who had been hiding in a secret basement for years.

Parasite Movie Ending

A nonetheless from “Parasite”

She pleads with Chung-sook to maintain him there, however she refuses. However, Moon learns the reality concerning the household and data their video, and threatens to reveal them. Things get out of hand when the Parks arrive early on account of a storm. The Kims lure Moon-gwang and Geun-sae within the basement in a rush. While secretly transferring out of the home, the household hears Mr. Park commenting about Ki-taek’s scent. Mrs. Park hosts a birthday celebration for her son Da-song with the assistance of the Kim household. Although, nobody has any concept that this get together goes to turn out to be a nightmare quickly.

Parasite Movie Ending Explained: What Happened In The End?

The film had a somewhat emotional ending. However, to grasp that, we have to know what occurred on the home get together. It all goes sideways when Ki-woo goes into the bunker and finds Moon-gwang useless. Meanwhile, Guen-sae assaults him, severely injuring him on his head, and runs away. He then runs into the get together and stabs Ki-jung so as to take revenge for Moon-gwang’s loss of life. On the opposite hand, Da-song goes right into a traumatic seizure when he sees Guen-sae similar to as soon as earlier than.

Things get extra violent when Ki-taek kills Mr. Park after seeing his response in the direction of the scent of Guen-sae and runs away. Choong-sook and Ki-woo are placed on probation for committing fraud, whereas Ki-jung is useless after getting stabbed on the get together. Ki-taek is hiding in the identical bunker as he’s needed for the homicide of Mr. Park. While recovering from his head damage, Ki-woo spies on the Park home that now belongs to a German household.

One day he discovers a flickering mild from the home that’s depicting a morse code. His father Ki-taek involves the kitchen each night time with the hope that his son will acknowledge his message. Ki-woo then writes a letter to his father that he’ll make sufficient cash to purchase that home at some point. He additionally guarantees that he’ll get his household again collectively after he will get wealthy and buys the identical home from the household residing there. The film was such an enormous success that two sequels are in growth. Moreover, a tv sequence can be within the works.

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