Parents outraged as ‘UK’s strictest headteacher’ forces pupils to chant about good behaviour in ‘discipline assemblies’


“BRITAIN’S strictest headteacher” has sparked outrage amongst mother and father after forcing their kids to attend “discipline assemblies” and chant about good conduct.

The educating strategies have sparked uproar amongst a few of the college group in Kent after Barry Smith took over programs so kids may attend his behaviour rallies.

Parents of pupils at The Abbey School in Faversham talked about they’re ‘furious’ with the regimeCredit: Google
Barry Smith was dubbed 'Britain's strictest headteacher' thanks to his hard-hitting methods
Barry Smith was dubbed ‘Britain’s strictest headteacher’ thanks to his hard-hitting strategiesCredit: Twitter / Barry Smith

The harsh former head has been drafted into The Abbey School in Faversham to assist college school college students “develop good learning habits” as pupils returned to school rooms after a chaotic 12 months.

But mother and father declare he’s ordering schoolkids to fold their arms as quickly as they convey, attend “discipline assemblies” and recite ridiculous chants.

They are furthermore allegedly being reprimanded for not sustaining eye contact with lecturers or talking too quietly when conversing with employees.

Mr Smith, who usually visits troubled faculties to attempt to flip them spherical, as rapidly as dubbed college school college students “detainees” and has a controversial recognition.

And his newest mission has seen some mother and father slam his problematic educating strategies, who say he’s leaving kids “frightened” and in tears.

Laura Thomas, whose daughter is a Year 7 pupil, talked about pupils are being pulled out of programs to take part in Mr Smith’s assemblies.

“She requested me ‘why have we bought to have the assemblies when now we have to fold our arms and sit in silence?’

“They’re lacking programs to have these – yesterday she missed historic earlier, and maths the day before,” the 44-year-old educated Kent Online.

“Apparently he makes them chant absolutely completely completely different phrases. I don’t know precisely what they’re saying, nonetheless apparently, there are chants they’ve to say about how to behave.

“I am very concerned about what he is doing to my child in the school.”

The considerations have now spilled onto a non-public social media group the place “people are about to form an uprising” in opposition to the varsity.

One mom talked about her son “got a correction for how he walked into class” – regardless of him having a fractured wrist and a damaged hand.

“Maybe he was acting daft, I don’t know,” she wrote. “He says he wasn’t and simply walked in usually.

People are about to kind an rebellion. There’s merely anger in all areas I’m wanting on Facebook now.

Parent of Abbey School pupil

“But he is having physio on his knee at the moment and also has a fractured wrist and broken hand so carrying his bag isn’t easy.”

Another added: “People are about to form an uprising. There’s just anger everywhere I’m looking on Facebook now.”

“[My daughter] was crying on the phone to me over [Mr Smith] from the time she left school [until] she got home, then cried some more,” a 3rd mother or father talked about. “I’m livid.”

But The Abbey School’s headteacher, Dr Roland Speller, talked about there was a “great deal of misinformation and conjecture being spread” on the group.

He claimed the posts had “no basis in reality” in an announcement that mirrored a letter despatched out to mother and father discussing the matter.

The head talked about Mr Smith had merely visited the varsity to “deliver training to staff” which has not too manner again been really helpful by the federal authorities’s new Social Mobility Commissioner.

“He has also been previously praised by government ministers for his impact on school improvement,” Dr Speller continued.


“It subsequently appears low value to hear to what he has to say and present us so we’re in a place to kind our non-public opinions.

“Students need to develop good learning habits if they are, in turn, going to achieve good outcomes of all kinds in the future.”

Although he’s credited with turning struggling faculties spherical, Mr Smith’s “army-like” behaviour has allegedly left some kids scared to attend college.

He despatched a letter banning a haircut for boys that he titled “Meet Me At McDonald’s” – a curly perm with shaven sides – in 2018, whereas he was headmaster on the Great Yarmouth Charter Academy in Norfolk.

He then infuriated mother and father by bringing in employees from a faculty uniform retailer to MEASURE schoolgirls skirts.

But Mr Smith acquired reward for doubling the varsity’s GCSE success and boosting its Ofsted ranking.

An explosive ITV News investigation uncovered that he had despatched an email correspondence describing pupils as “detainees” to lecturers on the Hackney New School in May remaining 12 months – whereas doling out a median of 80 detentions day-after-day.



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