Researchers are reportedly engaged on a vaccine to fight people’ response to poison ivy.

According to Scientific American, scientists on the University of Mississippi and Hapten Sciences are “proceeding with a compound called PDC-APB” to be injected as rapidly as yearly or two to stop the poison plant’s outcomes. 


“We believe the shot will lead to desensitization and reduce or eliminate reactions to poison ivy, oak and sumac,” Ray Hage, CEO of Hapten Sciences, told the outlet. “Every March I start to get e-mails from people asking, ‘Where is the drug? Can I be in a trial?’”

The publication mentioned Hage’s employees, which has licensed the compound, handed preliminary security testing in human beings and is about to be evaluated in a clinical trial.

Scientific American furthermore wrote about progress in quite a few evaluation on rashes from urushiol, the oil from the sap of the vegetation. 

Poison Ivy plants growing on the ground

Poison Ivy vegetation rising on the underside

As many as 50 million Americans are impacted by poison ivy or its cousins poison oak and poison sumac yearly, according to the American Skin Association, with about 85% of the inhabitants allergic to the vegetation and spherical 10% to fifteen% terribly allergic. 

The three vegetation develop far and vast contained in the U.S. aside from Hawaii, Alaska and a few Nevada deserts. 

The vegetation – with three leaves, 5, seven, 9, or exhibiting as vines or shrubs – set off allergic contact dermatitis from urushiol which can be carried on animals, gadgets and fully completely different objects.


Reaction to urushiol accommodates redness, swelling, blisters and extreme itching and the rash takes roughly two weeks to heal, the affiliation mentioned, geared up an an an infection with micro organism wouldn’t happen.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that anyone who is outdoors is in peril for publicity. 

The agency said that recognition of the vegetation is a vital step to avoiding them along with washing yard gadgets and gloves, carrying extended sleeves and extended pants, washing pets and washing pores and pores and pores and skin in cleaning cleansing cleaning soap and funky water as quickly as attainable if involved with a toxic plant. 

How to treat a poison ivy rashVideo

Poison rashes aren’t contagious nonetheless the plant oil can linger for years on almost each flooring till it has been washed with water or rubbing alcohol.

While prevention is the most effective treatment, there are methods for treatment and the CDC recommends soaking in cool water or a lukewarm oatmeal bathtub, making use of over-the-counter topical corticosteroid preparations or taking prescription oral corticosteroids, making use of topical over-the-counter pores and pores and pores and skin protectants together with calamine lotion and avoiding scratching.

An antihistamine might assist to alleviate the itching, the CDC mentioned, along with that folks must go searching medical consideration within the occasion that they’ve a temperature over 100 ranges Fahrenheit, there may be pus or delicate yellow scabs on the rash, the itching will worsen, they’ve issue respiratory and the rash spreads to eyes, mouth, genital home or bigger than one-fourth of the pores and pores and pores and skin.