Press Secretary Theodore Barrett Makes Wife Accident and Its Aftermath


In a viral video from The Onion, Deputy Press Secretary Theodore Barrett talking about his partner’s accident all through a conference has created quite a lot of curiosity amongst viewers. Here is the truth behind the clip. 

Theodore Barrett posing as a Deputy Press Secretary almost certainly created confusion for people. Especially to those unaware of what the publication The Onion is all about. 

Deputy Press Secretary Theodore Barrett Wife Accident Update

A video from 2008 the place Whitehouse Deputy Press Secretary Theodore Barrett is holding a conference merely hours after his partner’s demise. He immediately jumps to talk regarding the agendas with out exhibiting remorse for his partner’s demise. 

When requested about his children, he says they’d been throughout the hospital the place one amongst them is in a coma, and one different is ineffective. When the journalists ask him if he desires help or any person to talk to, he responds with a stern face that he can’t keep it up weeping as he had pledged his time to the nation. 

He added he had work to do, and so did the reporters who had been throughout the room and requested others to proceed with their agendas. But nervous reporters try to debate to him about his associate’s demise, to which he retains attempting to keep up the reply temporary and evade the question. 

Many people believed that it was an precise story. While the content material materials might look very rude, it’s a satirical data piece created by The Onion. The particular person throughout the video is probably going one of many actors of the media house. 

The Onion is a satirical data website and newspaper primarily based throughout the United States that publishes humorous tales about worldwide, nationwide, and native data. They began publishing in 1988 and have been persevering with until immediately. Their on-line publication began in 1996.

While the piece of tales they publish could very nicely be false, their plan of developing the fake data is to teach their readers about their satiric mannequin moderately than trick them or manipulate them. 

They want to portray the truth by means of satires. And that’s what they did with Theodore’s video as properly. 

Is There A Wikipedia Profile For Theodore Barrett?

Theodore Barrett is a person who doesn’t exist truly. At least, there isn’t a such factor as a Whitehouse Deputy Press Secretary with that name- thus, there aren’t any Wikipedia particulars. 

The particular person throughout the video is an actor from The Onion who carried out the perform of the Deputy Press Secretary. In actuality, when the video was launched, George W. Bush was the president, Dana Parino was throughout the perform of Press Secretary, and Tony Fratto and Scott Stanzel had been deputies.

People discuss The Onion and their satires (provide :

The clip The Onion has created in distinction with the president’s monetary protection. While Theodore started holding a press conference with a variety of agendas, he tried to deflect it by mentioning his partner’s demise and automotive wreck- it’s in distinction with how politicians ignore mandatory points. 

Some people moreover linked it with the monetary protection that the president had provide you with, one factor that no person would possibly understand and was full gibberish solely. 

Where Is Theodore Barrett Today?

The 2008 video stays to be circulating on-line. The people as we converse are concerned with Theodore Barrett. However, the actor’s precise establish and id aren’t disclosed however. 

And Theodore doesn’t exist in precise too; thus, his whereabouts can’t be recognized. 

Last Modified: June 19, 2022

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