Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw known as out President Biden for “lies” Friday about Border Patrol brokers who had been beforehand accused of whipping migrants, saying the president has no real interest in holding anybody – together with unlawful immigrants – accountable besides for CPB brokers attempting to mitigate the crisis. On “America’s Newsroom,” Crenshaw stated Biden’s immigration insurance policies which have escalated the scenario on the border aren’t resulting from incompetence, however moderately had been deliberate so as to advance his political agenda. 


REP. DAN CRENSHAW: We might take an hour debunking all the lies that he advised on all totally different topics. And there was a lot. But this one was actually egregious. It looks as if the one folks he desires to carry accountable for the mess on the border is his personal border brokers for doing their job. He put them on this place, after which he lies about what they’re doing. He lies about their actions. You cannot imagine a worse chief proper now. If you are attempting to get a mass exodus from the Border Patrol, in case you’re attempting to get them to give up and lose morale, then that is a nice method to do it. 

You know who else is not held accountable? All the folks illegally crossing our border, all of the unvaccinated, all of the folks with COVID, all of the folks infiltrating our nation and mendacity about their asylum claims. They’re not held accountable. But Biden does not care about that. We must cease pretending like that is incompetence. This is not incompetence. They’re doing this on goal. Mayorkas was on the file yesterday bragging about how there’s too lots of Trump’s insurance policies that they’ve rescinded to even rely. So they rescinded all these insurance policies. They act shocked that it causes this mass migration throughout our border, this unsustainable mass migration, they usually act prefer it’s simply a robust scenario that they must take care of. But it isn’t. It was performed on goal.


Biden border crisis 'was done on purpose': Rep. CrenshawVideo