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Rep. John Katko: Supply chain crisis is a national security problem


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House Homeland Security Committee Ranking Member John Katko (R-NY) is warning that the provision chain may have graver repercussions than delayed supply of presents for the vacations, arguing it may have national security implications. 

The New York Republican mentioned the faltering provide chains seen through the course of the pandemic show the United States must be self-reliant in producing vital objects like medication, private protecting gear, semiconductor chips utilized in vehicles and electronics obligatory throughout occasions of emergency.  

“Yes, it’s a problem when we may not have enough gifts for Christmas, but the real concern is computer chips, the real concern is making sure we have medicine in times of crisis, the real concern is anticipating personal protective equipment stockpiles and other things that are critical to our economy and critical to our homeland security that this administration seems to always be playing catch up and not anticipating and having those discussions,” he instructed The Post in an interview on Wednesday. 

John Katko said the supply chains prove the United States needs to be self-reliant in producing items like medicine and personal protective equipment during emergency situations.
John Katko mentioned the provision chains show the United States must be self-reliant in producing objects like medication and private protecting gear throughout emergency conditions.

“We had to have air shipments of personal protective equipment sent in from other countries because we didn’t have that. Our medicine, the vast majority of penicillin the United States used to consume was produced in Syracuse, and now all penicillin is produced offshore. When you start thinking about supply chain, it’s not what’s on the store shelves, it’s national security, it’s critical infrastructure and what’s critical to us surviving in times of crises.” 

Katko mentioned he doesn’t consider the Biden administration has performed sufficient to “emphasize the supply chain issues which we have been trying to emphasize in Congress,” arguing that the choice to shutdown the Keystone XL Pipeline was a self-inflicted error made in disrupting the uss provide and entry to grease. 

“I’ll give an example — we are now importing oil again. What they did is they stopped the Keystone Pipeline, which is a big source of oil and energy independence for us, and that’s supply chain, obviously. Now we’re having to buy oil again from elsewhere,” he continued. 

“They did that just by policy change, so there’s a lot of things from the policy standpoint where they’re not looking at the United States best interests. They think that they had to be this by, you know, stewards of the world and you know, to some extent we should be but we got to take care of ourselves too and we’re just not doing it this administration.”

John Katko said he doesn't believe the Biden administration has done enough to place emphasis on the supply chain issues.
John Katko mentioned he doesn’t consider the Biden administration has performed sufficient to position emphasis on the provision chain points.
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Katko added that he believes the administration’s push to extend taxes on companies may additional hinder firms from producing vital objects domestically, arguing that the GOP’s large tax overhaul in 2017 led to companies bringing enterprise again to the U.S. 

“We’ve got to create the right economic incentives for companies to bring that stuff back home. The Biden administration is talking about a huge tax increase on corporations, they’re going to do what they did before to survive —  they’re going to move offshore. They started coming back home and when we lowered taxes, we need to keep that continuing. If you think the supply chain is a problem now wait to see what happens if they decide to raise taxes like they’re contemplating.”

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