‘Rogue’ builder probed amid dozens of claims he swindled thousands from families for botched home extensions


A ROGUE builder is being investigated after dozens of families claimed he conned them out of thousands of kilos for botched home extensions.

More than 20 horrified owners talked about they’ve been left contained in the lurch by Andrew Nathan Perry, 39, who “ghosted them” after raking in £100,000 for unfinished work.

Homeowners declare the alleged cowboy has left their properties and their funds an enormous amountCredit: SWNS
Andrew Nathan Perry allegedly conned customers out of £100,000 for botched building work
Andrew Nathan Perry allegedly conned prospects out of £100,000 for botched growing workCredit: SWNS

Residents complained that their properties have been left strewn with rubble whereas their funds are in tatters – as Perry whined that he had run into “difficulties”.

Sarfraz Tabussom, 47, who’s representing the livid clan of clients, talked about he stumped up £15,000 for a job on one of his properties ahead of the accused cowboy started giving him the run-around.

The dad-of-three outlined: “He talked about he would come as soon as extra with a digger to dig the muse.

“He kept saying he would come the next day, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, but it never happened for two months.

“I can’t stand it. He told me he’d finish the job in four to six weeks and it has been two months and nothing has been done.”

The nurse employed Perry by manner of Bookabuilder.com to increase two rooms on the as soon as extra of a home he was renting out in Worcester – nonetheless the seller completely happy Sarfraz to take care of him straight, fairly than by the web site.

Sarfraz despatched Perry £7,000 ahead of he started work on the home on June 1 – nonetheless after demolishing half of the as soon as extra of the property, he says the builder vanished.

“He asked me to send another payment of £4,000 for extra staffing costs.

“He did finally return to fully demolish the rear side of the property but then requested a further £4,220 to fix guttering,” Sarfraz continued.

“I transferred the cash nonetheless the job was by no means began. As quickly as he had the cash he talked about one of his relations died and disappeared for two weeks.

“He bought the cash from me with concepts and I believed him. He began work in June and hasn’t achieved one factor since.

“Because of all the rubbish there, I had to pay another builder to remove it.

“He is not answering now – the company address is wrong and all the letters are returned to me.”

Other owners declare they paid Perry, who’s the registered director at IBUILD Contractors Ltd, tens of thousands ahead of he disappeared.


Worcestershire Trading Standards has confirmed it’s investigating Perry for alleged “criminal offending”.

The TrustPilot overview internet net web page for Perry’s enterprise may be struggling from recommendations dubbing him a “scam artist” whereas warning others to not use his firms.

Sarah Phipps, 50, talked about she and her disabled husband Martin, 54, from Solihull, West Midlands, have misplaced their life financial monetary financial savings to Perry.

They had been pressured to pay for repairs with a £45,000 financial institution mortgage after paying him a £17,000 deposit for renovations and extensions in April this 12 months.

Children’s firms employee Sarah talked about: “Andy Perry has taken over £30,000 from us and launched on us immense monetary hurt and upset.

“We were paying him £5,000 a week and he claimed he needed more to pay wages.

“His staff would swear offensively, smoke, break factors and to make factors worse, their work was actually, actually poor fine quality.

“We ended up with the roof hanging off with out the funds to pay for it. We wished to pay a roofer £10,000 to place the roof as soon as extra on.

“We paid for materials that didn’t turn up and wouldn’t pay subcontractors that would turn up at our door asking for payment.”


Sarah talked about he repeatedly duped them with excuses that his grandad had died and that his girlfriend was pregnant.

“We sort of fell for it consequently of he had appeared believable and checked out on-line initially.

“The work that they had done and I use that word loosely, it was really bad. Everything he says is a lie.”

The mother-of-five talked about she is worried with 22 completely totally different victims on a WhatsApp group and has been left “staggered” by the chaos the alleged cowboy has launched on.

“An elderly lady who lives on her own said she’s been on the verge of suicide because she’s handed over so much money,” Sarah outlined.

“He causes a lot ache and appears to haven’t any ethical compass in the least.

“As soon as he has the money, he buggers off and you can’t find him, he vanishes.”

An aged woman who lives on her personal talked about she’s been on the verge of suicide consequently of she’s handed over a lot cash.

Sarah Phipps

Another fed-up purchaser, Benjamin Chan talked about he misplaced contact with Perry a month after he was consequently of start work on his home in May, after forking out “several thousand pounds”.

“The most shameful point is Andy took advantage of us being new to the UK,” he talked about.

But Perry claims he has contacted his prospects and intends to pay all of them as soon as extra after struggling “a lot of sleepless nights”.

“I began the corporate in January and since then I’ve professional pretty a bit of difficulties.

“But I don’t want the company to go under and if I liquidate nobody will get their money back. I plan to finish off four of my current jobs and make a pot to pay people back.”

The 39-year-old talked concerning the thought he was ignoring his prospects was “ludicrous”.

A spokesman from Worcestershire Trading Standards talked about: “We can confirm we’ve been made aware of the actions of this trader and we will be investigating any allegations that suggest criminal offending.”

Furious Sarfraz Tabussom says Perry needs to be brought to justice
Furious Sarfraz Tabussom says Perry ought to be dropped at justiceCredit: SWNS
Residents have had to fork out for repairs on top of the cost of the unfinished work
Residents have wished to fork out for repairs on prime of the worth of the unfinished workCredit: SWNS


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