Scott Foley believes audiences will actually be a part of with his new Fox drama assortment “The Big Leap.”

The dance-filled assortment is primarily based on a British actuality TV show and follows a bunch of fairly just a few “underdogs who attempt to change their lives by participating in a reality dance show that potentially offers them each a second chance at their dreams.”

Foley, whereas selling the gathering, prompt Fox News the show is filled with masses coronary coronary coronary heart. 

“The dancing and the feel-good nature of the show after what the entire world has been through. You know, we’ve been watching a lot of television and for whatever reason, I’ve been watching a lot of dark stuff. It just seems that that’s what’s on TV right now… they’re dark and they take a toll,” he acknowledged. “And this show does not. It is filled with levity and hope. And that’s, that’s what I’m excited for people to take away from (it).”

“I am blessed to be one of the people in the show that does not dance,” he laughed. “I’m saying that more to my executive producers and writers and anybody else. I don’t think that’s what people want to see. People don’t necessarily need to see Scott Foley dancing. So I’m happy to judge, critique, and lift up others while they dance.”

“The Big Leap” premieres Sept. 20 at 9 pm EST on Fox. 

FOX’s Ashley Dvorkin contributed to this report.