The obscenity of segregating schoolchildren by race in the name of anti-racism


It’s breathtaking in its perverse perniciousness: a Manhattan junior-high college’s plan to racially separate seventh and eighth grade college students into so-called “affinity groups” for sophistication discussions on racial identification and social justice. This is a public college educating youngsters that the shade of their pores and skin issues greater than the content material of their character.

The principal, Shanna Douglas, says the train serves the college’s mission to “undo the legacy of racism and oppression in this country that impacts our school community.” No, it’s feeding, even creating, a completely new racism.

The Lower Manhattan Community School is 44 p.c Asian, 29 p.c white, 15 p.c Hispanic and eight p.c black. That melting pot certainly teaches them a lot about the way to get alongside, fostering friendships that present them they’re not likely totally different. Douglas desires them obsessing about variations that shouldn’t matter in any respect.

And the metropolis Department of Education defends her: DOE flack Nathaniel Styer calls the deliberate discussions a “two day celebration.”

Some mother and father are even offered on this insanity, although one mother conceded that almost all mother and father are too afraid to talk out.

Not all: One father informed The Post that some households need lecturers to concentrate on lecturers, not this rubbish. “Teach the history,” he mentioned. “Tell that story. I’m all for an honest accounting. But this is something different. It’s insidious.”

New York mother and father don’t have any downside with their youngsters studying about the nation’s historical past of slavery and discrimination, nor discussing the trendy legacy of it. But the aim ought to certainly be Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s imaginative and prescient of a time after we turn out to be one big family of Americans: “Not white Americans, not black Americans, not Jewish or Gentile Americans, not Irish or Italian Americans, not Mexican Americans, not Puerto Rican Americans, but just Americans.”

Plenty of work stays to be carried out. But nobody wants the colleges actively setting that work again by insisting on maximal race-consciousness, not to mention by actually imposing racial segregation on junior-high youngsters. Dr. King is unquestionably rolling over in his grave.