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The Post says: Verdicts for Arbery killing, Rittenhouse show justice works


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Ahmaud Arbery’s killers are responsible of homicide. 

Will Vice President Kamala Harris resolve “there’s a lot more work to do” within the criminal-justice system, as she did after Kyle Rittenhouse was discovered not responsible? 

Will MSNBC and CNN blame the decision, reached by the principally white jury, on “white supremacy”?

Of course not — as a result of the jury reached what liberals think about the suitable resolution.

We occur to suppose that Arbery’s killers are responsible. We additionally imagine that Rittenhouse will not be responsible. But if both verdict had gone the opposite means, we’d have registered disappointment, however not referred to as for ripping our justice system aside.

No methodology is ideal, however having 12 members of the group weigh the info and argue the circumstances is best than the courtroom of social media. Under even monumental stress, juries often attain the suitable resolution.

Liberals are blithe to the injury they’re doing to America by second-guessing legal trials. You can’t say the system works or doesn’t solely when it reaches a verdict with which you agree. You sow mistrust in cops and courts, and invite a nation to flout the legislation.

Here’s some recommendation for all of the Democrats who suppose they know higher: Shut it.

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