Tom Brady isn’t a fan of bread, nonetheless that hasn’t stopped him from turning into a spokesperson for Subway.

The six-time NFL Super Bowl champ acknowledged his new partnership with the worldwide sandwich chain in an Instagram post he shared alongside collectively along with his 10.1 million followers, on Sunday. 

“As this new commercial will tell you, I don’t eat much bread, but at the end of the day I recognize greatness when I see it,” he wrote.


Brady, 44, has gone on-record about his strict anti-inflammation consuming routine, which excludes white flour and sugar and gluten – key parts which can be present in most commercial-made bread. While the NFL quarterback reportedly avoids bread to keep his digestive system in tip-top type, it seems writing off bread may assist to keep you wanting and feeling young.

Registered dietitian Maryann Walsh from Walsh Nutrition Consulting recommended Fox News that some carb-free diners report having additional vitality all by means of the day. report having additional vitality all by means of the day.

“Consuming large amounts of bread or refined carbs can cause blood sugar spikes followed by a blood sugar crash, causing one to feel sluggish,” Walsh talked about. “By eliminating bread or cutting it down significantly this can help some to experience more sustained blood sugar levels leading to more sustained energy levels.”

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She added, “Blood sugar spikes from excessive consumption of bread can accelerate aging due to the creation of Advanced Glycation End Products (appropriately nicknamed for its acronym: AGEs). AGEs are linked to increased oxidative stress as well as inflammation, which can lead to undesirable accelerated skin aging and inflammation of the joints as well as lead one to be more susceptible to diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.”


Tom Brady, 44, has gone on the record about his strict anti-inflammation diet, which excludes white flour and sugar and gluten – key ingredients that are found in most commercial-made bread. (iStock)

Tom Brady, 44, has gone on the doc about his strict anti-inflammation consuming routine, which excludes white flour and sugar and gluten – key parts which can be present in most commercial-made bread. (iStock)

Potential vitality and longevity enhance apart, Walsh talked about that bread avoidance may contribute to a slimmer resolve widespread.

“Being that bread is a major carbohydrate source, it can lead to water retention in the body which can lead many to feel bloated,” she outlined. “Carbohydrates turn into glycogen in the body and glycogen typically holds onto two to three times its weight in water, this is why when individuals start a low carb diet they initially lose weight rapidly because oftentimes in addition to fat loss, they aren’t retaining as much water.”


It’s not clear if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback has seen any fountain of youth advantages from lowering out bread, nonetheless Brady’s personal chef – Allen Campbell – recommended that the NFL star is on an pure, gluten-free consuming routine to protect his intestine successfully being.

“Gluten is the protein in bread that can ‘react’ with our immune systems,” talked about registered dietician Caroline Thomason, in an interview with Fox News. “For folks who are gluten sensitive and experience negative reactions from eating bread, gluten increases inflammation in their body.” 

Gluten is a protein that's found in various grains, including wheat, barley and rye.

Gluten is a protein that is present in fairly a couple of grains, together with wheat, barley and rye.

She went on, “Gluten intolerance symptoms can be sneaky. They include skin rashes, digestive distress, bloating, headaches and fatigue.”


Other gluten sensitivity indicators embody joint ache, fatigue and gastrointestinal components, in response to Walsh, which she talked about can occur to people who uncover themselves or aren’t acknowledged with celiac illness.

“Gluten-free bread and pasta are available, but it’s important to note that just because an item is gluten-free doesn’t mean it is low in carb,” Walsh talked about. “If one is hoping to improve the way they feel through elimination or reduction of bread, they would want to enjoy gluten-free bread sparingly.”

Jinan Banna, a vitamin professor on the University of Hawai’i at Manoa, recommended Fox News that individuals who aren’t delicate to gluten have little motive to keep away from bread.

While there are benefits to not eating excessive amounts of bread, most people don't have to cut out carbs or gluten to stay healthy.

While there are advantages to not consuming extreme parts of bread, most individuals would not have to chop out carbs or gluten to remain healthful.

“Bread is a source of carbohydrates our body can use for energy, and it also provides many vitamins and minerals,” Banna talked about. “Whole grain bread also provides several grams of fiber per slice, which is important for healthy digestion, weight management and maintaining heart health.”

Reps for Brady didn’t instantly reply to Fox News’ request for remark.