The California ports, the place 36 % of U.S. imports come from, is months behind in bringing in its cargo. 

One of the impacted industries is the toy trade, which is regarding to Toy Association President Steve Pasierb, who mentioned on “America Reports” Wednesday that youngsters may evening not give you the option to get their current of alternative in the event that they’re shopping for nearer to Christmas. 

“It’s hitting us at the worst time of the year, which is the holidays,” he mentioned. 


Pasierb mentioned it is going to take “many, many” months to remedy the disaster at the West Coast ports. Another a part of the problem is a “trucking crisis,” host Sandra Smith added. Even when the cargo is unloaded, a labor scarcity causes the transportation to be backlogged.

“We’ve got a long, long way to go. It took us more than a year to get into this,” Pasierb mentioned. 

The White House launched a activity power in June to sort out the issue, press secretary Jen Psaki mentioned Wednesday. She went on to blame the pandemic for financial fallout, calling it “inevitable.”

“I can’t make a prediction,” Psaki mentioned about how lengthy the bottlenecks to the provision chain would final. However, she mentioned that decongesting the issue will not be going to occur in a single day. 

“The supply chain task force has been working around the clock for months and months to address a range of … different issues that we see in the supply chain… There are issues at the ports … those have been on the rise recently,” she mentioned. 

To mitigate the disaster, the Biden administration introduced that it labored on the logistics with the Los Angeles port to develop its hours of operations to 24/7. 

“By increasing the number of late-night hours of operation and opening up for less-crowded hours when the goods can move faster, today’s announcement has the potential to be a gamechanger,” President Biden mentioned.