Despite initially making landfall as a Category 1 Hurricane in Texas early final week, the now remnants of Tropical Cyclone Nicholas proceed to pose a heavy rainfall and flash flooding menace Monday.

Moisture will goal elements of the Tennessee and cut back Ohio valleys and the southern Appalachians.  

Additionally, some onshore winds off the Southeast coast will ship additional moisture to the system, supporting heavy rains and flooding alongside the South Carolina and Georgia coasts.  

Flood advisories currently in effect Monday. 

Flood advisories presently in have an effect on Monday. 
(Fox News)

This flood hazard will change into North Carolina by Tuesday.  

In the tropics, two new methods have fashioned. Tropical Storm Peter is positioned merely east of the Leeward Islands and is anticipated to go merely to their north on Monday and Tuesday. Peter should weaken by midweek. Landfall merely shouldn’t be presently forecast. 

The current path of Tropical Storm Peter. 

The present path of Tropical Storm Peter. 
(Fox News)

Even additional west, Tropical Storm Rose might even weaken by midweek. This storm merely shouldn’t be a menace for landfall.