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In case you are still not satisfied in case you want but extra proof that Joe Biden will not be actually operating the nation, there’s this. It seems that Biden solely often reveals up for work. According to a new evaluation by his associates at the Cable News Network, Joe Biden has spent 107 of his first 275 days away from the White House, principally at one in every of his trip properties. For perspective, that’s much more time than Donald Trump, Barack Obama or George W. Bush allowed themselves by this level in workplace. So Joe Biden, actually, will not be in Washington very a lot. And you have to ask your self, why is that?

Before you attain the apparent conclusion – he prefers the pudding at Camp David., they’ve tapioca there – contemplate one other clarification. It’s doable there is a authentic public health justification for maintaining Joe Biden away from main American inhabitants facilities. It’s doable Joe Biden’s aides perceive that Biden is simply too harmful to be in Washington. He might infect thousands and thousands. Consider the tape we performed a few days in the past of Biden sauntering maskless by way of a crowded restaurant in Washington. 

There he was on movie, his gaping maw fully uncovered spewing scorching corona breath, panting like an obscene telephone caller on harmless passers-by. Diners have been trapped in Biden’s path. They had no selection however to inhale clouds of Joe Biden’s private aerosol mist. Would you want some Biden saliva along with your entree tonight? No, thanks. We are getting a heaping dollop anyway, sorry. 

'The Five' slam Biden for being maskless in luxe DC restaurant: it's 'COVID hypocrisy'Video

It was repulsive and in the world pandemic, like this one, it was additionally recklessly harmful. Typhoid Mary was by no means this brazen. But it will get worse women and gents, and it will get much more stomach-churning. Watch, if you happen to dare the video shot yesterday at an occasion that Biden did for the King of New Jersey, finance goon Phil Murphy. Ask your self as you watch it, why hasn’t the CDC taken this man into custody? 

Joe Biden, Monday: Thank you, thanks, thanks. (coughs into his arms. Walks off the stage and shakes arms)

This was a crime caught on movie? First, Joe Biden coughs into his hand, filling his palm with a lethal pathogen, a bioweapon designed by the Chinese army to contaminate and kill civilians. And then, exhibiting no regret by any means and even hesitation, Biden walks as much as unsuspecting human beings and deliberately transmits this foul stew of microorganisms that is been brewing and fermenting in his respiratory tract. He does this all together with his naked arms like an ice-cold murderer. Clearly, Biden has achieved this earlier than. It’s not the first time. It was not an accident. 


Joe Biden is aware of what he is doing. He’s seen the knowledge. He understands completely effectively that individuals who have been totally vaccinated as he has can unfold COVID as prolifically, as individuals who haven’t been vaccinated, presumably much more prolifically. Biden is aware of that. Presumably, that is why he is been lecturing the remainder of us for months about the significance of hygiene. Here’s only one instance.

Biden, October 2020: Just think about the place we’d be at the moment had the president embraced sporting masks as a substitute of mocking it.  Imagine what it could be at the moment with a president to apply social distancing as a substitute of holding tremendous spreader occasions

Biden mocked Americans for standing up for their freedoms: Rep. StefanikVideo

Oh, a president who practices social distancing like not inhaling different folks’s soup or smearing COVID on them along with your arms, yea that. But Joe Biden proceeds to do it anyway, and he is been doing this since the very starting of the pandemic. Here, for instance, is Biden on the marketing campaign path final yr? Suddenly, he must cough as a result of clearly, he’s not a wholesome man. Thankfully, he is sporting a masks at the time. That’s the complete level of sporting a masks so you do not spew your germs on different folks. 

But what does Joe Biden do as he feels the knot of phlegm rising in his throat? He rips down his masks and proceeds to cough into his personal hand, as soon as once more, coating his palm with infectious filth. All the higher for the many unsuspecting arms he is about to shake. How is that this not assault?


Biden, October 202: We’re going to spend money on working folks. We’re going to develop the center class to verify everyone seems to be included on the deal. (pulls down his masks to cough in his hand, then pulls it again up) The sorts of funding that can stimulate the economic system.

No one from the CDC arrested Joe Biden that day, nobody ever will. The individuals who make the guidelines do not need to comply with them. If there’s a single factor we have discovered from the imposition of corona regulation on this nation, it is that the individuals who implement these laws do not actually imagine that they work or that they matter. It’s not about public health, it is about obedience. 

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How else do you clarify a masks with a gap in the center to your mouth? You can purchase it now on-line. It’s designed in order that tuba and French horn gamers can meet the stringent COVID laws that it imposed on orchestras by folks like Joe Biden, all strictly to your health, after all. As lengthy as we will not see their chins. The remainder of us are protected. That’s the concept. It’s lunacy, and there’s a lot of that going round proper now. 

Just a few hours in the past, an FDA panel issued emergency use authorization for the Pfizer vaccine. This one geared toward youngsters ages 5 to 11. Mandates for kids of these ages will quickly comply with. No query. So what does the science say about this? Well, it seems that youngsters of these ages usually tend to die of the annual flu than they’re from COVID. Of the 73 million youngsters on this nation, fewer than 700 have died of COVID. CDC knowledge present that amongst the related age set youngsters 5 to 11. There have been almost two million COVID instances, however solely 138 deaths complete. 


From March by way of October of final yr, at the peak of the pandemic, a baby had a one in a million likelihood of dying from COVID. Right now, in contrast, children are 10 instances extra more likely to die of suicide. That’s the precise pandemic raging amongst younger folks. Meanwhile, there are causes to suppose that mandating vaccines for teenagers could possibly be harmful to them. Pfizer nonetheless has not carried out significant medical trials on younger folks.  

According to Pfizer, “Long term safety of COVID-19 vaccine in participants 5 to 12 years of age will be studied in 5 post-authorization safety studies.” In different phrases, approve our drug, make it necessary for babies, after which we are going to inform you whether or not or not it is protected. 

Dr. Siegel on COVID vaccinations for children 5-11Video

According to the Substack Technofog, which is run by a sensible legal professional known as Travis Miller, Pfizer beforehand introduced that vaccine unintended effects for babies are, “generally comparable to those observed in participants 16 to 25 years of age.” So what does that imply, precisely? Well, it means the potential for a lot of new instances of myocarditis amongst small children with a purpose to shield an age group that isn’t in danger in the first place from COVID. 

Once once more, that is lunacy on the deserves, based on the science, and other people round the nation are beginning to determine that out. Just yesterday in New York City there have been demonstrations. 

Video of crowds marching, chanting “USA,” chanting “Let’s Go Brandon”, chanting “Freedom, etc.


So the one rule of the American media we can tell you since we work in it is the media always cover political demonstrations. They’re easy to explain. The pictures are compelling. It’s simple. All of them get coverage, but not these demonstrations. They were ignored pretty much completely by legacy media. Instead, CNN continued to spend his time hunting down and attacking anyone who decided not to take Joe Biden’s shot. 

Vivek Ramaswamy: Vaccine mandate protests are the result of rampant lies on COVID-19 by public officialsVideo

Just the other day, CNN’s propaganda, slandered our friend, Lisa Boothe, for turning down the shot. Now, Booth is in her 30s. She’s healthy and more to the point she’s an American citizen. She grew up with the now outdated belief that she was allowed to choose her own medical care. But more than anything, and this is really the point tonight, Lisa Boothe is a responsible person. She cares about others. She would never under any circumstances even consider, for example, coughing spittle into her own hands and rubbing it on other people without telling them. There’s not a chance Lisa Boothe would do that because Lisa Boothe is better than that. She’s not Joe Biden. She’s not an imminent threat to public health. Most of us aren’t. 

Byron Donalds of Florida is not. He’s a member of Congress. He’s been subjected to the same attacks. In July, CNN’s Chris Cuomo of all people called Congressman Donalds stupid because he refused to take the mandated shot.

Donalds: I will never tell you not to get vaccinated. What I’m saying is I made a decision not to get vaccinated. And it doesn’t matter if it’s you, or Joe Biden, or anybody else, that’s going to stress, or want me to get it, I’m not doing it. Cuomo: Hold on, hold on, Byron? That doesn’t make you just a free person, all right? Freedom isn’t just defined as the “Bold and skill to be sturdy and flawed.” It’s about doing the right thing // Because if your answer is just then “Well, I do not care what they are saying. This is me. I’m an American,” that is being dumb, as a proxy for being bold // Donalds: If other people want to be protected, they have access to vaccines. Go get the vaccine. I would never tell anybody not to get vaccinated.

When Chris Cuomo calls you dumb, how does it feel exactly? 

This article is adapted from Tucker Carlson’s opening commentary on the October 26, 2021 edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”