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Last Friday, Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all fees in opposition to him in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Just two days later, a Black nationalist BLM supporter drove an SUV by a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. It was a slaughter.

Six individuals have been killed, together with three grandmothers and an eight-12 months-outdated boy. Forty-seven individuals have been injured very badly, lots of them youngsters. Here’s one witnesses description of the scene: 

WITNESS: We have been sitting, my daughter was sitting at my ft and I used to be standing above her and what I noticed was a crimson SUV run over a gentleman, I believe it was a gentleman in a dressing up, and he was his physique was trampled by each the entrance and the again wheels. 

Police say the person who did this can be a profession felony referred to as Darrell Brooks. As of tonight, Brooks has not publicly defined why he dedicated mass homicide. Instead, the media and native authorities have determined to talk for him, and the primary factor they need you to know is that these killings had completely nothing to do with the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict simply two days earlier than. Nothing in any respect. The timing is simply a kind of superb coincidences. 


“There is no evidence that this is a terrorist incident,” introduced Waukesha’s chief of police. But if indiscriminately murdering ladies and youngsters at a Christmas parade is not terrorism, then what precisely is it? 

Well, it is a vehicular mishap. Here’s how Twitter’s in-house news group described it. “Five people dead and more than 40 injured after car drives through parade.” Car. It’s the fault of the crimson SUV. 

'The Five' react to Waukesha Christmas parade suspect's first court appearanceVideo

Other news organizations had one other clarification helpful. It seems they advised us that Brooks was fleeing from a knife battle. And the implication, in fact, was that he acquired spooked and drove by the parade by chance. You know, as you do. then MSNBC took this concept a step additional and prompt the police had someway goaded Darrell Brooks into driving into individuals by firing a gun at him. 

JIM CAVANAUGH, FORMER ATF:  The report from NBC is that perhaps he was in a knife battle or a  stabbing.  I’ve been to stabbings and I’m telling you they’re very bloody occasions. The perps or individuals typically have blood throughout them – even when it’s coming from a sufferer they stabbed. Or they could get minimize themselves if it’s a knife battle. They typically run with the bloody knife. So, this man may need been in the automotive with a bloody knife and blood throughout him. He noticed the police barricade on the parade route and busted by it. The officer fired after which he was going to do something he, or they, to get away when he ran over these band members is simply an act of actually chilly-blooded homicide.

Hegseth on Rittenhouse ripping media framing of trial: I hope he ‘brings the mother of all lawsuits’Video

So Brooks was doing no matter he might to get away from the police so successfully, it is the cop’s fault. Except no, that is not what occurred. Eyewitnesses, many eyewitnesses described Brooks zigzagging down the road making an attempt to homicide as many harmless individuals as he might. These killings have been completely intentional. And no, Brooks was not being chased by the police. That’s a lie. So a lot for that concept. 

So the query stays why did Darrell Brooks commit mass homicide in Waukesha? The media do not appear in discovering out, not even just a little bit. So they’ve determined to disregard the story utterly. And they’re. 


Subpoenas to Roger Stone from some pretend congressional committee are apparently extra essential than six deaths. Like the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, so far as the nationwide media are involved, it is merely not taking place. 

The extra we find out about Darrell Brooks, the simpler it’s to know why the media do not need to discuss him. Brooks’s social media feeds are stuffed with racist and Black nationalist propaganda. In certainly one of his rap songs, he consists of strains from Malcolm X justifying race-hate in opposition to Whites. He posted an image of a fruit bowl organized to show the letters BLM with a raised fist. And not insignificantly, Brooks additionally criticized the jury’s verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case. 

WAUKESHA, WI - NOVEMBER 22: People hold candles and embrace during a vigil in Cutler Park on November 22, 2021 in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Five people were killed and several injured after Darrell Brooks, Jr. drove an SUV through a holiday parade route on November 21st. The vigil is being held at Cutler Park, near the crime scene, to honor the victims. (Photo by Jim Vondruska/Getty Images)

WAUKESHA, WI – NOVEMBER 22: People maintain candles and embrace throughout a vigil in Cutler Park on November 22, 2021 in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Five individuals have been killed and a number of other injured after Darrell Brooks, Jr. drove an SUV by a vacation parade route on November twenty first. The vigil is being held at Cutler Park, close to the crime scene, to honor the victims. (Photo by Jim Vondruska/Getty Images)

On Facebook, One BLM activist was pleased to attach the dots right here. He describes Brooks’ mass homicide, as retaliation for the Rittenhouse acquittal watch.

BLM ACTIVIST VAUM MAYES: They have somebody in custody. We could have to attend and see what they are saying, why this occurred. It sounds prefer it’s doable that the revolution has began in Wisconsin. It began with this Christmas parade. … The preliminary individual that reached out to me mentioned this has to do with the decision.

This has to do with the decision. That’s the apparent conclusion. Is it true? Again, we’ve got not confirmed it, however we will be completely sure that the nationwide media will spend zero time looking for out. Why? Because they’re implicated. 


News organizations spent greater than a 12 months telling us {that a} case that had exactly nothing to do with race was someway a referendum on the civil rights of Black individuals and the rise of White supremacy. So if it seems these lies, and they’re lies, acquired six individuals murdered. They’ll most likely be the final to inform us that. 

We do know that Darrell Brooks by no means ought to have been on the road in the primary place, he was a completely loathsome individual. Want proof? Well, he bragged about pimping his 16-12 months-outdated girlfriend. 

BROOKS: Now unexpectedly I’m a pedophile? Let me clarify that. Ten years in the past in 2006, I caught a case with my oldest daughter’s mama. Yes. My child mama. … I didn’t know the bitch was 16 on the time. She gave a press release to the police, yea she was hoein’ and I used to be pimpin’ and that she was 16, and I didn’t know that, okay.

Yeah. So for some motive, this man has spent most of his life free. A couple of weeks in the past, most likely not surprisingly, he was charged with punching the mom of his newest youngster in the face after which working her over together with his automotive, so he ought to have been in jail for that. But the Milwaukee County District Attorney, a radical referred to as John Chisholm, launched Brooks on a $1,000 bail. 

Waukesha parade attack suspect knocks on homeowner's doorVideo

So $1,000 for beating and working over a lady. Why? Well, as a result of John Chisholm believes that bail is racist. A couple of years in the past, Chisholm acknowledged that letting violent criminals out of jail was sure to price harmless lives. But, he defined, it is nonetheless price it, as a result of fairness. 

“Is there going to be an individual I divert, or I put into a treatment program, Who’s going to go out and kill somebody? You bet. Guaranteed. It is guaranteed to happen. It does not invalidate the overall approach.” 

In different phrases, the deaths of innocents, outdated women, young children are a small value to pay as a result of the precept of fairness is so lovely and so essential. That is a diseased mind-set. It’s how cult leaders and dictators suppose. It shouldn’t be a western worldview, however all of a sudden it is a mainstream place inside the Democratic Party.


Jonathan Swan of Axios tried to get Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib of Michigan to clarify what would occur if we closed all federal prisons in this nation, as she is demanding. 

SWAN: To what extent have you ever wrestled with any potential draw back of releasing into society each single one who’s presently in a federal individual? 

TLAIB: Yeah once more, I believe everybody’s like, oh my god, we’ll simply launch all people. 

SWAN: But that’s what the invoice says. 

TLAIB: Yeah, however did you see how many individuals are mentally in poor health in jail proper now? 

SWAN: No I do know, however the act you endorsed really says launch everybody in 10 years.

TLAIB: Yeah in 10 years, however give it some thought who we’re releasing. 

SWAN: But they have been like human traffickers, youngster intercourse offenders. 

TLAIB: No, I do know. 

SWAN: So are you saying you don’t really help that? 

TLAIB: No I endorse the Breath Act. 

SWAN: Your proposal is so sweeping it does launch everybody and what I’m making an attempt to say to you. 

TLAIB: Within 10 years and clearly there’s a technique of how can we get away from mass incarceration and transfer in the direction of care first.

Totally unbothered. Human traffickers? Yeah. Rashida Tlaib would not care. In the tip, she refused to provide Swan a single instance of any felony, irrespective of how violent or how harmful, who ought to stay behind bars, not one. 

So what would occur if we did this if we really emptied the prisons? As Democrats are demanding, we’re getting a style of the implications proper now by watching what’s taking place in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

There’s nothing equitable about what’s taking place there. It’s theft, huge image, it is anarchy, it is violent chaos in which the weak will at all times undergo probably the most. Why do we’ve got civilization in the primary place? Precisely to stop that. So you have to surprise why they’re encouraging it. 

This article is customized from Tucker Carlson’s opening commentary on the November 23, 2021 version of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”