Former Hawaii congresswoman and Democratic presidential candidate, Tulsi Gabbard joined “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to weigh in on the U.S. drone strike that mistakenly killed civilians. 

TULSI GABBARD: This type of accountability is critical. I would like to stage out first that any time there are civilian casualties in battle, it is tragic and horrible. War is a horrible concern and I contemplate it’s wanted for the American of us to perceive that Islamist jihadists are continuing to wage war against us and the Islamist ideology—not the associated as the faith of Islam—however this Islamist ideology, which is the political ideology that impressed the terrorist assaults on our nation on 9/11, is the best hazard that we’re dealing with appropriate now on this nation on this planet. It is the inspiration of governance of so-called Islamic worldwide locations like Turkey and Iran and Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, and it’s what’s behind the discriminatory insurance coverage protection insurance coverage insurance policies that they’ve in these worldwide locations against Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, and others. 

So, so long as these Islamic jihadists are waging battle against us, we have to work to defeat them militarily and ideologically. And militarily, we’ve got obtained two selections in how we do this. Number One: We can proceed to invade and occupy in nation-building worldwide locations all around the globe—merely as we did in Afghanistan at good value. Number Two: we are prepared to take a centered approach utilizing airstrikes, utilizing our specific forces to go in and go after these terror cells. The actuality is that the price—the price of the American of us, the price to our troops, the value to civilians will perhaps be far quite a bit a lot much less if we take this very centered approach to go after these jihadist terrorist cells that if we proceed making the exact same errors that we noticed in Afghanistan and fully completely different elements of the world of invasion, occupation and nation-building. 


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