U.S. Navy veteran Kenny Jary, 79, was puzzled when he realized donations had poured in to assist him replace his broken mobility scooter, nonetheless he discovered just a few phrases on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ Sunday.

One of Jary’s neighbors, Metro Deaf School coach Amanda Kline, shared Jary’s story on TikTok and created a GoFundMe internet net web page for him entitled, “Patriotic Kenny Needs a Ride” to attempt to get him a mannequin new scooter, setting a $5,000 aim. She advised Jary the great info that that that that they had surpassed that aim, and he was overwhelmed with gratitude.

“In 24 hours, people on TikTok, strangers who’ve never met you but love you, donated $5,000 for a scooter for you,” Kline advised Jary in a video. 

“No, you’re kidding!” he reacted, holding as soon as extra tears. “I don’t know what to say, Amanda.”

When Jary and Kline joined “Fox & Friends Weekend” Sunday, he tried to put these feelings into phrases.


“I feel so good,” he talked about. “I just don’t have enough words for it. I can’t believe all these wonderful people out there in the world. I just want to thank them so much. All my followers, everybody, from the bottom of my heart.”

At the time of the interview, Jary thought he had raised $5,000, nonetheless co-host Will Cain educated him the fund had risen to $75,000. The internet net web page has since garnered over $90,000.

“Oh my goodness!” Jary reacted. “Can you repeat that? Seventy-five thousand?”

“Oh my goodness,” he continued. “Sir, I sure got a flock of angels, believe me. They’re all watching over me. I just cannot believe it.”